Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sleeping Progress or Not

G is such a funny girl. We have I have been trying to get G into her own bed to sleep all night. I figure that now that she is 5 and has been home almost 4 full years, it is well past time for her to be in her own bed. Our therapist recommended me shorten the days required to reward her to 2 days and that worked, well, once but not again.

The deal was G had to go to sleep before me in my bed then I would move her. After her first two day "win" she didnt' go to sleep before me again, seriously I can sleep anywhere just about any time. Monday night she knew she wasn't going to get another "prize" because she wouldn't go to sleep, so she decided to go to her bed awake and fall asleep in her own bed. I didn't think she would really do it but she did.

I put the night light in the hall for her to see in case she was afraid and needed to get back in my bed. I told her that I would always make room for her, but she wouldn't make a whole night in her bed and would get no prize. Well, she managed to do that two nights in a row and received a prize for both nights. Hey, I recognize an over achiever a good attempt when I see one, going to sleep in her own bed is a big deal here. One prize or treat was to go to Petco and look at the animals (not buy) another was a pair of "beenoklars" from our zoo trip yesterday.

So last night she was having a particularly bad attempt at going to sleep in her own bed and decided to forgo her prize to sleep with me. I was all, like, whatever, no biggie, let's not make a big deal out of her failure to not sleep in her own bed. This morning, though, she starts to stir which of course wakes me up but I think she is going to potty (Yea! another big step, that is without me reminding her).

So I waited, and waited, and waited; 5 mins turned to 10 then to 30 mins and she wasn't back, I heard no flushing, and she didn't call me. So I got up to go potty myself and then I saw her door, open, with her awake but in her own bed. Oh yes she did, she tried to trick me into thinking she slept in her own bed all night, heh.

Mind games might have worked, 'cuz I have been known to be forgetful, except for the decidedly small space I was left to sleep in with her crunched up against me making me very hot in our southern city and her whacking me in the face trying to get situated around midnight. My body didn't forget that I had no room last night to sleep!

Good try there G, you have to get up much MUCH earlier to trick me. It's not like I was born yesterday, ya know?! I will turn into the prize nazi-"No prize for you!"


Anonymous said...

I finally was able to get my daughter, who is almost 7, sleeping in her own bed by telling her that she can sleep with me on Friday and Saturday nights, when I don't have to get up early the next morning, but her own bed the rest of the week. Because it is too hard for me to sleep at night when she keeps kicking me and I'm afraid of rolling over and squashing her. Instead of making a deal with her I just told her this is how it's going to be. I think it worked because she still gets 2 nights a week, and she realized immediately that she wasn't going to argue/cajole/tantrum me out of my position.

Elizabeth J.

Andrea said...

No my guest bloggers did not fail me. I LOVE your posts and the way you think.
I had to do some SPRING cleaning.
I now have our farms web site to keep up & our family blog & the adoption fundraising blog.. I just had to let something go.
When my kids ask me when I am going to stop blogging and PLAY like I used to..It is time to pull the plug....literally.;)



Marla said...

Cute story, Adalyn is all about being 4, she has been pretending for a couple of weeks even though she is 3 for a couple of weeks. When her dad said remember your 4, you should be sleeping by yourself. She said "dad, I'm only 3" How can you argue with that!

AZMom said...

What a sneaky little girl. Sounds like something my son would try! ;-)

Hey, can you stop by my blog and give me your thoughts? Am I being an overprotective mommy???

Kristy said...

Too funny!! It seems as if she knows exactly how to work her Mom! lol

Anonymous said...

Thats hilarious!

My daughter has recently moved to her own bed (she is 5.5). She sleeps with me Friday nights and is there most mornings at some point. ;-)

Cairo Typ0 said...

Too funny! My niece is notorious for this is willing to come up with any excuse to share her mother's bed. LOL

a Tonggu Momma said...

She is brilliant! And mayhap a tad sneaky, too. LOL. Glad to hear much progress has been made.

Vivian M said...

What a huge step for Miss G girl! I am so proud of her for doing her very best to sleep in her room and use the potty!
We have been working on these too for a long time.