Monday, May 18, 2009

Swinging from the Old Elm Tree

Sunday, G and I spent the afternoon at my parents playing on the swing and shooting things with her bow and arrow. By "things" I mean the glass door or the tire swing and by "bow and arrow" I mean, well, bow and arrow with suction tips.

G figured out how to "steer" herself in the swing by pushing on one side or the other to turn a specific way. She kept wanting to go "higher, higher mama." Her grandad put this swing up either last year or year before, can't remember now. The tire swing has been there for the nephew and niece for a bit.

G maybe the next gold medalist archer for team USA, heh. Sadly, I am not coordinated enough to shoot the dearn thing. Her grandaddy showed her and she picked it up very quickly!

Here is a bit of our latest conversation. One night G gave up her prize and decided to sleep in my bed. I was very tired and dozing in and out trying desparately to ignore the constant chatter enjoying the closeness of us together, but then she asked me if I was Asian. I told her no and then she asked about grammie and grandad, "no". Then she asked if she was caucasian, and I pointed out that she was Asian. Then she said, "That's not fay-erh, you have thwree matches and I only have one."

So by then I was frustrated and tired thinking which totally woke me up what one match she was talking about. I tried and tried to think of matchy things and came up with a few like coordination with her grandad and hair like her cousins (though they aren't black hair). Though almost as fast as the conversation came; she was over it but I was wide awake. Like I have said before she loves to save these conversations to stay awake at night and keep me sleepy!


The Byrd's Nest said...'s a competition! They are never as serious about this subject at this age as we are....I love their pure and simple hearts.

I absolutely LOVE that tree!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Those pictures of her on the swing are beautiful - that tree is just perfect for swinging.

I wonder what she meant by matches... it would have kept me awake, too. Little puzzlers, those kids.

Vivian M said...

Remind Miss G that she and Kerri match! ;o)