Friday, May 08, 2009

Thursday Night Fun

There is a festival in our town that is going on this weekend. Last night was night one of it and entrance was $2/free for G. We have had a lot of rain this past week. I mean A LOT of rain. So to say it was muddy would be a gross understatement. The mud as my mom described it smelled like a pig sty. UGH! The rides were rickety at best. G couldn't ride any of them this year except the merry go round and that was with my dad only. There may have been another ride there for her but it was too muddy to find it. She did get to ride in a yellow school bus though so that counts for her.
Riding the merry-go-round.

Riding Grandad's shoulders.

Riding the bus to the festival
Eating a hotdog at the church's tent.

Climbing the bus by herself. On the rock wall.

We got there early so it wasn't near as crowded as it was when we left. We even ate dinner for free since it was the first night and all. G got to "climb" the rock wall set up by the national guard. It was for photo op only which was very nice of the servicemen to do for me. She isn't very high at all and was very proud of herself for "climbing."
I believe this festival started out as a smaller competition to a much larger festival near here. Now this festival sends winners or contestants to the much larger festival and it has grown quite a bit. It was sort of like a circus, G said.


Anonymous said...

Your girl is a little beauty. Looks like fun. :-)

Couchkat said...

fiGlenys looks like she had fun anyway, mud and all