Wednesday, May 20, 2009

True Treasure Received

Today when I opened my e-mail I found from a fellow Wuzhou mom an e-mail with 4 pictures in it. She has a friend in China who was willing to do some adoption related investigations in Wuzhou, and he took pics of G's finding spot. Something I never thought I would have. I mean eventually I hope to take G on a homeland tour, but right now I can't say when that might happen.

It was a true gift that I can't wait to share with G. We are going to start working on her life book this summer. It is very helpful to have tangible information to write/type in her book. This will probably be a very difficult thing for us to do but then again maybe not. I need to let go of my control of this project though because it is her life book not mine.

I was able to (easily I might add) find out the actual day of the week given for G's DOB and finding day. She is a Thursday child like me. Maybe that was the one match, heh. As for pictures of the spot I will not share them here as they are G's to share when she wishes.

Last night in bed she held me and with tears in her voice she said, "Don't eber do dat to me again." She was off and on upset after being reunited from our little separation, as was I. I did continue to praise her for going to the neighbor, and I have since pieced together what exactly happened. Next time I will just tell her where I am going and not assume she will stay engrossed in a movie.

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Vivian M said...

Awww, I am so glad G missed you, even if it was difficult for her (and you).
What a blessing to have those pictures! We were not allowed to get pictures of the exact spot, since it is inside a train station and we were not allowed in or to take photographs. But hubby got his picture taken on the steps leading to the station. Maybe one day we will take Kerri back and try to go in.
I agree with you that every little piece of info we can provide our girls is precious. The life book is truly a work of love.