Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Did She Know and When Did She Know It?

"Pelosi Knew About Waterboarding A new CIA report claims that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew that terrorists were being waterboarded, despite her claims that she didn't. After the report was released, Pelosi revised her story, saying that she had been briefed on the use of the techniques, but had not been told that U.S. interrogators were actually using them."

So basically Pelosi is just stupid. She was told about the interrogation techniques but didn't think the CIA was actually USING them. So why the helk do you suppose they would bother mentioning them if they didn't use them? I mean come on, she is changing her tune because right after 9/11 republicans and democrats would have done ANYTHING to prevent anything happening on our soil again. But now time has put plenty of distance between the actions of 9/11 and the fear of the people so that today she can say with certainty that she had no idea waterboarding was being used and worked at actually saving American lives, all for political gain. Actually, Pelosi shouldn't even be in office if she is really that PARTISAN stupid.

Maybe waterboarding is wrong technically speaking but when lives are at stake, "pretty please" doesn't cut it. And with the terrorists in the middle east things that threaten their own lives may not work much longer. It is hard to defeat an enemy who has no respect for any life much less their own.

That is the problem with the suicide bombers. That is what is wrong in Israel. Israel cares that citizens don't die, they care about their soldiers not dying, and they care about civilians not dying. The terrorists trying to push Israel into the sea doesn't care about lives being lost. Americans care that lives are being lost and would like to have peace without loss of life. Terrorists don't care about peace and care less about numbers of people dying unless it brings NATO down on Israel or America as political pawns.

Until America wakes up and understands what we are up against, we will have another 9/11. The threat is real. It is very sad that the new administration hasn't a clue and is even tying Israel concessions into Iran's nukes when these issues are mutually exclusive!! All of this is tied to the stupidity or party politics of Pelosi and her ilk because they have no understanding of how to protect America.

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thanks for visiting my blog- and I totally agree with you onthis one!!