Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh I Guess She Still Needs Naps

She did fall asleep and woke up with a nightmare at 6:30pm. I had tried to wake her earlier but to no avail. Then at 7pm she wanted to give her new water toy a try. So with no further ado, here she is on the water slide.

Gratuitis giant sunflower pic. It is going to be lovely but it is over 9ft tall so I can't get a good pic of it really. It was the only one that came up fromt he plants and once I thought it was a weed but let it grow because I had forgotten about planting the sunflower seed in that spot. I need some plant markers for seeds.

Well, That Was a Bust

In an effort to take the total boredom of the day out of my darling angel, we went to the dollar store and bought a generic slidingslip (intentionally misspelled). So G gets her swimsuit on, and I decide to fix her hair out of her face like a mom of twins talked about on her blog. (No linking; to lame to ask permission). Well, G kept telling me she didn't want her hair like that (not that she knew what it was going to look like mind you). I kept reassuring her that it would be cute and only she and I would see it.

I got it finished and showed her; then the waterworks started, but not on the slide. G was close to hysterical. So I offered to take out the ponies. I cut them out so they wouldn't hurt but now G was hysterical for a different reason. She now didn't want me to take them out. Too bad, too late, I did, all but the last one, just enough to make her hair stay out of her eyes, a waste of good hair bands too.

I got the slide ready and the water on and even the baby shampoo to make it more fun. G still continued to cry/scream. I did my darndest to ignore and kept telling her to come play. I got fed up with the tears and just said forget it. I turned the water off and came in. G went to her bedroom to cry. I told her not to come out until there were no tears. Yes, I felt/feel badly that she cried alone in her room but dangit there was no need for the tears she cried in the first place.

She is awfully particular about her hair. I don't understand it either. She wants it long, but when I try to keep it out of her eyes she balks. Normally, I don't care if she just wears a barrette that I have to keep putting back in but when she swims or is in water the hair really stays in her face. I think she has fallen asleep, at 4:30pm. So much for the rest of the night.

Today, I hate not working so G could be in school. Today, I really hate not being able to keep her in school. It isn't even that we need a break from each other as we spent most of the weekend at my mom's. Yesterday, the neighbors asked if she wanted to join them in their water fun and she said no because she didn't want them to see her?!?!?!? I think it was because the four girls already playing were just too loud and rambunctious and G wasn't initially invited.

I don't know what the deal is, really, but my cycle is on the way so I am already overly emotional, too danged emotional to deal with a hysterical 5 year old over a few ponies in her hair. Tomorrow is our therapy appt. Couldn't come at a better time!

What Are You Doing This Summer?

We are making and painting pottery and getting tribal tattoos.

So what fun things are you doing?
The tattoo is butterflies and flowers. Knowing that sort of takes away the fierceness of the face, huhn? heh heh.
Oh and try as we might all we can manage with the pottery clay is pinch pots.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yes, that is the "look" with attitude, in church already. What is up with that? The VBS kids sang their songs in church and G even did the hand motions, well sort of. Then we all greeted our new pastor and his wife with a potluck lunch. Very nice. G is watching Kung Fu Panda and I am going to follow the 11th commandment:though shalt nap long on the Sabboth/Sunday take a nap, yeehaw!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Great New Book by Fellow Blogger and Waiting AP

A bloggy friend and waiting AP has written this children's book. I can't wait to get my copy. On the side bar >>> that way>>> there is a paypal link for you to purchase yours. Lets help a fellow blogger by making her book part of our own libraries.

Friday, June 26, 2009

This Attitude Is Just Disturbing and Disappointing!

(no time to format, will come back later. link in title of post.)
"Vicious Academic Liberals
by Walter E. Williams
Ward Connerly, former University of California Regent, has an article, "Study, Study, Study -- A Bad Career Move" in the June 2, 2009 edition of Minding the Campus ( that should raise any decent American's level of disgust for what's routinely practiced at most of our universities. Mr. Connerly tells of a conversation he had with a high-ranking UC administrator about a proposal that the administrator was developing to increase campus diversity. Connerly asked the administrator why he considered it important to tinker with admissions instead of just letting the chips fall where they may. His response was that that unless the university took steps to "guide" admissions decisions, the University of California campuses would be dominated by Asians. When Connerly asked, "What would be wrong with that?", the UC administrator told him that Asians are "too dull -- they study, study, study." Then he said to Connerly, "If you ever say I said this, I will have to deny it." Connerly did not reveal the administrator's name. It would not have done any good because it's part of a diversity vision shared by most college administrators.
With the enactment of California's Proposition 209 in 1996, outlawing racial discrimination in college admissions, Asian enrollment at UC campuses has skyrocketed. UC Berkeley student body is 42 percent Asian students; UC Irvine 55 percent; UC Riverside 43 percent; and UCLA 38 percent. Asian student enrollment on all nine UC campuses is over 40 percent. That's in a state where the Asian population is about 13 percent. When there are policies that emphasize and reward academic achievement, Asians excel. College officials and others who are proponents of "diversity" and equal representation find that outcome offensive.
To deal with the Asian "menace," the UC Regents have proposed, starting in 2010, that no longer will the top 12.5 percent of students based on statewide performance be automatically admitted. Students won't have to take SAT subject matter tests. Grades and test scores will no longer weigh so heavily in admission decisions. This is simply gross racial discrimination against those "dull" Asian students who "study, study, study" in favor of "interesting" black, white and Hispanic students who don't "study, study, study."
This is truly evil and would be readily condemned as such if applied to other areas lacking in diversity. With blacks making up about 80 percent of professional basketball players, there is little or no diversity in professional basketball. Even at college-level basketball, it is not at all unusual to watch two teams playing and there not being a single white player on the court, much less a Chinese or Japanese player. I can think of several rule changes that might increase racial diversity in professional and college basketball. How about eliminating slam dunks and disallowing three-point shots? Restrict dribbling? Lower the basket's height? These and other rule changes would take away the "unfair" advantage that black players appear to have and create greater basketball diversity. But wouldn't diversity so achieved be despicable? If you answer yes, why would it be any less so when it's used to fulfill somebody's vision of college diversity?
Ward Connerly ends his article saying, "There is one truth that is universally applicable in the era of 'diversity,' especially in American universities: an absolute unwillingness to accept the verdict of colorblind policies." Hypocrisy is part and parcel of the liberal academic elite. But the American people, who fund universities either as parents, donors or taxpayers, should not accept this evilness and there's a good way to stop it -- cut off the funding to racially discriminating colleges and universities."

Do You Hear the Whales?

Last night I asked G a question and she said, "Huh?" I said, "Do your ears have water in them too?" She told me that they didn't. I told her that I was listening through the ocean.
She said, "Do you hear the whales?"
I said, "No, why would I hear whales?"
She said, "Well, whales live in the ocean."

Sometimes I forget how literal kids can be.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

I am so ready for the weekend but for what I know not since one day is just like the other. Last night I listed 4 books on amazon to sell and one sold already. I am not making really anything on it. Amazon takes almost 50% commission and fees and in some cases at least that. If it costs more than 3.99 to ship I won't make anything on it. So I guess re-selling books is only to get rid of them and break even not make any income. Or don't sell through Amazon? I guess the number of books would be the key as well.

G and I went swimming today. I am very very VERY tired. Throwing a 40lb girl around the pool makes for one very tired momma. G won't practice something that she doesn't know how to do well. She still has not much propulsion in her kicks and swim. We are still working on it.

I came home, showered off and put my pjs on at 6:30pm. G was afraid that I wouldn't fix supper and started crying about wanting supper. I told her that as soon as supper was over we would go to bed. Although G is sleeping now consistently in her own bed, she still doesn't go to sleep. She usually stays awake at least an hour after bedtime. I don't understand it. I love to sleep, not that I can sleep all day anymore, but I love to sleep.

After swimming we attempted to make a pinch pot with some of the clay G received for her bday. We have a tendency to get the clay too wet and then over use it. This is the second pinch pot we have made through default. Default is that we attempted other things that wouldn't turn out due to the tiredness of the clay.

Oh and what about Michael Jackson? What a surprise... but not really. I mean he had lived a pretty stressful life from childhood. He was young though to have a heart attack. I doubt he will have the after death following that Elvis had.

We are now watching Kung Fu Panda. It is really a funny movie. G had spaghetti for supper, me a sandwich, watermelon and kingdons. Nutritious, no?

Yesterday, G and I rearranged our dining room and living room. It looks different, not so much better. I have too much stuff! G had a blast re-decorating.

My ears are so stopped up even after the swimmer's ear. I am hearing through the ocean and it doesn't feel good. Oh G learned to do a cannon ball today. The hearing through a little water will be worth it when she can really swim well, and I don't have to be such the hover mom. Soon we will be able to really swim in the deep end as well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

G Conversations

Taken at the children's museum today. I did the face paint with the paint sticks available.
Last night when I picked her up from VBS, "Did you have a snack?"
G: "Yes."
Me: "What did you have?"
G: "Something and something I don't know the name for it."
Me: "Well, what did it have in it?"
G: "Oh yeah, a cheese grill samwich and something wike chips but it wasn't chips."
Me: "Did you have pretzels?"
G: "Um, it had pretzels in it."
Me (Aha moment): "Was it a party mix?"
G: "Well, it wasn't a pahrty, just Bible school."
Me: "Um right. Did you eat it?"
G: "Well, I ate three bites."
Me: "So you don't need supper because you had a grilled cheese for supper?"
G (getting upset): "Well, dat's not suppuhr, I've had grilled cheese for wunch before. I need a big dinner, from Sonic."
Me: "Oh okay so you want a corndog and fries?"
G: "Yes."
So we get the kids meal. We get home and G says after eating 3 fries and no corndog, "I'm done."
Me: "Oh, the heck you are done!! If you don't eat that corndog tonight, you will be eating it for breakfast." Evening deteriorated quickly after that, and G had corndog for breakfast.
There wasn't a note about the church feeding them supper during VBS. I am only getting G's version of snack time. When I was in VBS 30(cough, cough) years ago we only had cookies and coolaid no lunch or supper.

This morning as I tried to wake her up for our appointment.
Me: "Wake up, time to get up. Are you ready for your corn dog?"
G: "I'm still sweepy."
Me: "You know if you would go to sleep earlier you can get up in the morning."
G: "Well, I caann'tt go to sweep. My bones won't let me."
Me: "Your bones?"
G: "Yes. My bones stay awake at night and go to sweep in the morning. See, they're asweep."
Me: "Well, you can go to sleep in the car on the way to the appt."
G: "No, see, the car seat is not scwunchie like a bay-ed is."

Monday, June 22, 2009

Creation Moments

Taken from the Creation Moments daily e-mail.
"Lacewing Magic
Exodus 8:19
'Then the magicians said to Pharaoh, This is the finger of God... But Pharaoh's heart grew hard, and he did not heed them, just as the LORD had said.'
The relationship between the beaded lacewing larvae and the California termite poses a real problem for those who believe there is no Creator.
The lacewing larvae enter termite nests in order to finish their growth cycle. Later, they leave as adults. The problem is, termites are often still at home when the larvae enter the nest. The termites, 30 times the size of the larvae, pose a serious threat to the larvae. But if you watch the larvae enter the nest, they wave their abdomen to an approaching termite and the targeted termite immediately falls over. Upon further study, scientists have learned that the tiny larva releases a chemical that totally paralyzes the termite. Studies have also shown that the chemical works only on this particular species of termite.
The evolutionary explanation is that for millions of years lacewing larvae crawled up to every sort of insect madly waving their abdomens at them – and were promptly eaten! One wonders how the larvae survived at all and why it was that their chemical protection just happened to work on those termites that made nice safe tunnels for them to grow in.
To believe that the lacewing's defense developed just by chance is nothing more than blind faith. It's not science. And it is a very opposite kind of faith from those who believe in a Creator!"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nap? NAP!

I don't need no stinkin' NAP!

Taken from my cell phone sideways on the way home from Grammie and Grandad's house today around 5:15pm. I was taking her to VBS straight from my parents and she asked me what if she fell asleep. She proudly and loudly declares, "My mama say-ed I don't hafta take-a nap.

Oh and Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Catch Up and What the Heck Is That?

Okay, well we have had a busy two days. Friday morning G and I took off for my parents house for breakfast. There is a KOA park near their home and it has a pool. For $5 per person per day we can swim. It doesn't have a diving board for G to jump from but really she can jump in the pool from the side. It has 3', 5' and 9'. We swam from 9:30am to noon, back to my parents for lunch and small rest, back to the pool at 2ish until 4:30pm. I wasn't as burned as I thought I was, yea! The pics are of G and our cat Simon Thursday night. G spent the night with my parents last night.

Today, I met my friend S who took me to the blueberry farm farther south. We spent a bit over 2 hours picking 2 gallons of blueberries for $11. Yes that might be a bit high but there were no chiggars/redbugs and the field is well kept. Of course I didn't really think of chiggars/redbugs until my mom asked if I had any and now I itch all over!
I already used a cup of my blueberries in a smoothie with yogurt, fresh squeezed orange juice, vanilla yogurt and a banana. SO GOOD for supper! G is having spaghetti that she also helped cook. Even though she helped me make my dinner; she refused to try it.

After blueberry picking I went to my parents for lunch and ended up spending another hour and half in the pool there with G. G learned how to turn a front flip in the pool today. Watching the kids yesterday at the KOA pool she was able to figure out how to go over. I am now no longer afraid of her drowning though I am still very much a hover-mother in the pool.

It amazed me that the moms at the pool with small children, aged 5 and up, chose to sunbathe while the kids annoyed all the other adults and shoved or splashed the other kids in the pool swam by themselves. Do they not worry that something might happen? Are they THAT confident that a 5 year old can safely swim in the deep water without their intervention or that the life jacket really will keep the the kid safe? No lifeguards on duty ya' know. I didn't get it and can never be that mom, not yet. G is way to precious for an accident to happen in the pool from exhaustion or getting disoriented in the water. Anyway, that is another gripe for another post (one that is better left unwritten).
Last night when I was getting ready for bed I noticed it. With my glasses off, there in the mirror across the countertop, there it was. A brown patch, on my skin, on my FACE, right there on the cheek bone next to my eye!
Okay, I know I am getting old. I will be 40 next September (mark your calendars now, heh). But dang, a sun spot just showed up on my face after yesterday's pool time. For me to notice it as far back as I was without my glasses is pretty big deal cause I don't really see small things well without them, but this I could see.

Can you see them? Don't mind the shine (y) face from sunscreen or the crazed look in my eye. But see the brown patches. The glare from the flash cuts the big one in half. Then there are two more down under my eye on the cheek bone. I don't wear makeup except on Sundays but I do use 15 SPF lotion on my face daily and 50 SPF when I swim.

The other thing is I still have major acne breakouts! How can I get the 15 year old acne and the old lady age spots at the same time? Life is so unfair, ugh.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swim Graduation Today

(Pictures and videos below)
G was very excited to swim today. She told me she would not be embarrassed for me to watch. She did really well. When she swims with the dive hands she has perfect form. When she swims with the "shoo bug" she bends her legs to kick as she bends her arms to shoo bug. I have to break the connection between her arm moves and her legs. With the straight leg kick she has more power to propel across the pool.

At one point I thought she was a goner. That is the third video. The dad of the little girl was sitting next to me and he did nothing. I mean what could he have done other than when it was over tell her not to do that again. It stressed me out quite a bit. I think G was embarrassed that the girl did that.

At one point the teacher had 5 little girls in the deep and one little girl just wouldn't mind at all. They were supposed to stay seated in little benches built into the deep end. This little girl kept trying to reach the ledge though and her mom wasn't there. I got up to just sit down there to keep her minding. By the time I sat down though she had slipped in, so I grabbed her arm to pull her out. I made her sit on the side of the pool. The teacher was working with another little girl, and although she could have kept them both from drowning, I helped out a bit. The teacher had already scolded this same little girl twice before I got there.

I mean there were several of us parents around the least we could do was crowd control. The teacher thanked me after class and told me she wasn't being mean or snappy to me when she said the girl wasn't going to drown in 2 seconds, just that she was mad at the little girl for not minding the first two times. I didn't think she was being snappy and told her so. I did tell her I knew the little girl wouldn't drown, I mean she learned how to swim but still she didn't need to be trying the teacher's patience that way.

G when we got there, very proud smile.

G after the graduation with her ribbon and certificate (names covered).

Yesterday we swam at grammie's pool to practice. G told me she didn't think it would be fun for me to help her then she said, "But it is." I asked her if she thought I would be mean to her and she said, "Yes." I try to make it as fun as Ms. Lisa. Oh and today, G's teacher put lipstick on to teach because of all the photos/videos, heh.

Why We Don't Need Government Run Health Care

Heritage President Ed Feulner on Health Care

This Monday the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) delivered a major dose of reality to Capitol Hill, affixing a $1 trillion price tag to the Kennedy-Dodd health care plan. Supporters of the Kennedy-Dodd approach then complained that the CBO only scored an incomplete version of the bill and Dodd-Kennedy staffers “were scrambling to give the CBO something closer to the final legislation.” You would think the fact that by their own admission their legislation is incomplete, would give Dodd-Kennedy supporters pause before pushing the bill through committee.

Nope. Yesterday they began their first markup hearing on the bill prompting Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to observe: “This is the most incredible markup I’ve ever seen in my entire time at the United States Senate and in Congress. It is a joke if we run through this stack of papers here.”

The sorry state of our nation’s health care system is no laughing matter. Serious reform is needed. But we should be honest about which direction different types of reforms will take our country. To that end, Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner has written an open letter to the President and Congress on health care. First, Feulner pierces President Obama’s health care rhetoric:

If you like your health care package you can keep it: This assertion is difficult to square with the facts. The President says that a “public option”—a government plan—would just be one of many health care plans that Americans could select. In fact, a public plan will lead many employers to drop private health coverage for their workers and dump them into the public plan—just as many employers in the 1990s pushed their workers into cheaper managed care plans. According to independent analyses, as many as 119 million Americans could end up in a public plan. This is hardly letting people keep what they have. And many in Congress are eager to expand a public plan, with tight rules on what your doctor can do and how much he or she will be paid. Congress can do that because it will be both the “umpire” who sets the rules and the “team owner” of the public plan. There will be no “level-playing field.” We believe a public option will toll a death knell for private plans.

The end goal is not a single payer system: This is another Washington euphemism that confuses people. Let us all be clear: The “single payer” here is Uncle Sam, using taxpayers’ money, and not just paying the bills but calling the shots and deciding what care every American will get—or not get. The inclusion of a public option is nothing more than a Trojan horse. The architects of the President’s proposals, and the sponsors of his proposals on Capitol Hill, know that once a government plan is in place, private insurance companies will be eventually run out of business. The government already owns a major bank and auto company; we shouldn’t hand over the medical industry as well.

The proposals are deficit-neutral: The President also asserts that a government system will be fully financed. This is a stunning untruth. Analysts, including the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office–Congress’s own watchdog–have issued preliminary estimates that the cost could be high as $2 trillion over 10 years, with most of that borrowed money. Even squeezing Medicare payments and adding new tax revenue will not pay for the massive burden this plan would put on American families. And current congressional proposals would still leave millions without insurance. Washington always says that new costs will be paid by savings elsewhere, but these phantom savings never materialize. These new costs will be borne by American families.

Feulner then outlines what true bipartisan health care reform ought to look like:

Give families control of their health care: We need to let families—not the government—control decisions so they can choose the coverage they want. For this to happen private health insurance needs to be portable—that is, owned by Americans so they can take their package from job to job. The health care system we have today was conceived in the era of World War II, when many Americans worked for the same company all their lives. As we know, that is not the case today. The President has acknowledged this. But we do not need a public plan, or mandates on businesses, to have portability. We need changes in rules and the removal of tax penalties to allow families real choice and ownership.

Reform the tax system: For portability to become reality, we need to reform the tax system. Right now, families can get a tax break for their insurance only if they hand over control of their insurance to their boss, and leave their plan behind if they change jobs. That needs to change. We need to provide the same tax relief to families wherever they choose to get their plan. In that world of empowered families, plans would have to compete to satisfy them, not compete to cut costs for employers.

Bring on competition: Americans will get quality health care only with the mechanism that has given us quality in all other aspects of life: competition. The way to get quality care in America is to have insurers compete to satisfy families in an insurance market, one that provides transparent information, ease of delivery and quick results, and which is fair to families and their doctors. Members of Congress pick and choose plans in such a market. The rest of America should also have that right.

Feulner concludes: “These are some of our remedies to our nation’s health care system. There are other free market ideas that also warrant consideration. We call on the President and Congress to widen the conversation. Let the debate truly begin.”

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We spent most of the day out on our patio until it was just too hot to be there. We came home from swim lessons around 11:30ish. I fixed us lunch and we ate on the patio. Then we just hung out there. We planted some plants, weeded the front steps and walkway, and then enjoyed the breeze. By 2:30 though I had it and needed to come inside.

While on the patio, G would tell me we were going to have a show with lots of kids and animals then she would go sit down for me to "watch." Then I would clap or say "yea" or something to let her know I watched the show. She would get up and say, "Now what did you learn?" If I said the wrong thing she would tell me, "That's not what you learned." We "watched" several shows. She was the ring leader like at a circus she said.

We headed to the blue slides for about an hour around 3:30. I got a few cute pics of G and read a fascinating book with which I am not quite through. I will give a brief review of it here on the blog because I think it is that important. I have not been asked to review it, am doing it on my own.

The pics were from the blue slides. It was almost too hot to be out there. I sat in the shade and there was a breeze of hot/cold mix. It was pleasant by 4:30 but any earlier we would have died. No, it isn't in the 100s but it is as humid as Guangzhou without the breeze. Forget the makeup and hair stuff because it won't stay in long. Not that my summer dictates pretty-ing myself up. I am working hard on my flipflop tan. I need a new pair. These are almost run in the ground.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It is raining again. Storms passed through and it is raining again. But we were able to get swim lessons, ride bikes and pick up the sticks from the last storm. G is now working in her kindergarten workbook and is on page 48. She hasn't skipped any pages either. Pretty good, huhn?

Saturday, G had a busy, long day that started at 4am. She fell asleep in the car one the way back home from Grammie's house. She was sleeping so hard at 3:30ish when we got home that I was able to move her from the car to the chair inside. I didn't really want her to sleep but I was able to get a few things done before she woke up.

One day G drew the nativity on her doodle pro. I am very glad that she thinks of that when it isn't Christmas. I am not sure though what exactly promted her drawing. I captured it on camera because I thought is was pretty good for a 5 year old.

Such Talent

Yes, my girl has lots of hidden talent. Paper plate ring spins will take her far. This was last night after supper when she was stalling going to bed or even getting ready for bed.

I was exhausted short-tempered having been up since 4am due to storms knocking the power off several times before 7. Dog totally freaked out and couldn't get her calm for several hours, like 5 hours. So by 9amish the dog finally went outside to pee and was quite a bit calmer.

Then Sunday school and then off to a family reunion down in MS with my parents. We had a good time looking at the new generation of family come along. Lots of babies. One little boy came outside (parents nearby) and only had blue jean shorts on. He was only in crawling stage. G looked at him and said, "Mama, why dat baby out herweh neckie?" She doesn't see many shirtless boys in our neighborhood, heh. G had a great time following around the big girls.

So no nap for me Sunday, ugh. Swim lessons today through Thursday and then I think my mom may accompany us to the beach/lake for a end of swim celebration.

G fished with her grandad on Saturday. She had a great time chasing ducks and looking for turtles. Not sure how much actual fishing got done as there were no fish caught.

Sunday night ended badly as G was uncooperative for her shower, and then I hurt her feelings because she has this nice little retort she does towards me that has bad attitude all over it! I am really tired of hearing it.

Why do the evenings from good days end in bad/uncooperative attitudes with hurt feelings and tears? She is still sleeping in her own bed though and loves it as I do!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Look What Hatched

Or un-cocooned itself though I couldn't find where the cocoon was opened. Have no idea what type of creature it is. I think it is a moth so it is now outside. It sort of freaked me out when I came home and saw it. But I duly took pics and video of it just to remember it. It hatched out 2 weeks after cocooning itself.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Awww, Thank You

for your comments. I know everyone is busy this summer, so it means a lot for you to take the time to comment. Something about the summer business that is different than the school year business is the lack of perceived schedules. School time is so scheduled that it may be easier to find time to surf the blogs. Summer on the other hand is usually a time of spur of the moment outings or other fun events, family gatherings etc that blog surfing is really not a priority, and it shouldn't be. So again thank you for commenting.

Now, G is still in her own bed, yea! She still LOVES swimming. We have another four days to go and the last day is graduation (picture) day. Last night she spent the night with my parents and tonight she will as well. The deal was, G asked to spend tonight with them and grammie said yes. Then grammie remembered that today was the last day of VBS and wanted G to spend last night with them to go today. Saturday G and her grandad are going fishing to use the worms they caught Wed so that is the reason for tonight's spending the night.

Wed. G and her grandad caught a few fishing worms that we fed cornbread/cornmeal and water. Yesterday one of the baby birds hatched and G tried to feed it one of her worms. It didn't want her worms but wanted its parents to come get it away from the humans. G asked me Wed if we would keep the worms when no fish were caught. I had to explain that the worms would be dead whether or not the fish were caught. I wasn't sure if G would understand or if she would be upset, but when she tried to feed the worm to the bird I figured she could handle killing the worms for fishing.

I had gone out to my parents for dinner because my mom bought some blueberries at the farmer's market and made me a pie. That is my absolute fav. pie in the whole world, second is cherry. I loved the cherry pies from McDs before they got all health conscious. They had blueberry pies for a while. Danver's had blueberry turnovers for a while too, loved them! Anyway, big digression, sorry. G called me last night about 8:30ish and said, "Mama, I forgot to tell you sumpin'." I said, "What did you 'forgot' to tell me?" She said, "I lub you." I said, "I love you too baby girl."

Tuesday, I sent the shutterfly book I had made to Wuzhou courtesy of a family who is going on either an adoption trip or on a homeland tour. I did not get the letter translated though because I couldn't afford to. Also I ran out of time to translate it on the web (it is a long wordy letter). I will try to do translate the letter and send it directly to the SWI later referencing the book.

I am going to e-mail the interviewers to get a spot in the early time on June 17. I may have waited too long. Thinking about it even makes my head hurt and my chest pound. I do not like presentations when something is truly riding on it, like a job. I can do them when I already have a position even if I am scared. I have been having dreams of going back to school. They need their own post.

Hopefully pictures are coming soon. My computer doesn't like to get too busy. Plus my cat has done something with some combinations of buttons to shut my internet down when I close one window. Without meaning too the cat has reset several significant settings on the computer and internet settings that I have yet to figure out. Yes it seems my cat napping is smarter than I am with computers!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

G Loves Swimming Lessons

YEA!!! She loves swim lessons. She has now gone three days and loves them this year. She can't wait to get there even wishing the night away to go. This is so much better than last year when she cried everyday and everynight before the lessons.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with some FCC friends at the museum then at the coffee shop then at the Chinese market. Well, Asian market, I think it is a Vietnamese market nearby. But the smells other than the fish, smells like China to me. I showed her where to get the seasoned roasted seaweed G loves. Her almost 2 year old loves it too. That was about the same age G learned to eat it. Her daughter likes fish though where G doesn't.

So next week I should have pictures of the big swim finale. Her teacher said she is doing really really well. Her teacher said she has really good form. I wish we had a little swim team and maybe the school does. I think G would like that rather than dance or gymnastics.

She has headed out to my parents house for the afternoon and I am headed out there as well. Can't let them babysit all day.

G is still sleeping in her own bed so Saturday didn't ruin it. The Everything's a Dollar store is breaking me slowly. That is where the big prizes are coming from for the whole bed thing. I am really liking the store as I have mentioned before. Even if things are off brand, the off brands are still pretty good.

Oh and I still haven't a job, but I have a group interview possibly to schedule for the 17th. I have to do a presentation to a group of 20 or more. I am really not liking that. It is one thing to present for the job you have already but to present why a company should hire me, I just dunno. Plus it isn't a good salary but it has a car allowance with it which also means lots of travel, overnight travel. So really the negatives outweigh the positives on this whole presentation thing. I mean, making a fool of myself for a chance at a high paying job is one thing but for a job for which I probably won't stay long is not my kind of fun. I need a springboard job, you know, the one that gives me back confidence and a little money and I can springboard to a higher paying job?

So, that is rough update and where is everybody? I haven't seen any comments in a while? Where'd y'all go?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Weekend Update-Sans Pictures

I am having a terrible time with Internet speed and my very slow computer. If I get too many things going at once the computer just shuts me off the Internet so for now no pics of the weekend. I will give you an update though. G and I went to a garage sale held by her pre-school teacher. Actually we went twice, once early (8ish) in the morning and the next time right after finishing breakfast. G loves Mrs. E's dog, a yorkie named Jack. The second time we ended up buying the train table with all new train pieces, $50. The train table with old broken pieces used to be in G's classroom. The school gave it to Mrs. E for her garage sale because they were just going to throw it out. So we are now the proud owner of a train table and all the train stuffs. Plus it is a great place to also play legos and littlest pet shop!

The first time we went to the sale we bought three Chinese lanterns that I have to figure out how to hang in G's room and three strands of the outdoor lights with Chinese lanterns on them. One strand has a light out that I have to fix but the other two are hanging nicely on the patio over the table area. I also added some plants back there to enhance the space, heh. We also bought some lantern covers for indoor/outdoor lights. I have a couple of strands that I will put them on and possibly hang them over G's bed as a sort of night light.

Saturday we also had a visitor, my friend T from up the highway about an hour or so and her two kids. They were on the way home from the zoo and just wanted to stop to say hi. Earlier than that visit G entertained her friend from across the street for about 2 hours. To say G was ecstatic about this visit would not do it justice. She just continued to grin from ear to ear and didn't want the playdate to end. It wasn't so bad but I didn't let them wreck her room. I made them stay outside or in the front room with legos and the littlest pet shop or in the living room working on the fusion beads.

Then Saturday night we were snuggling in my bed talking; I had promised G I would take her to her bed when she fell asleep. At 1 am, I woke up and realized we were both still in my bed and just decided to leave it that way. Putting in the patio literally had my whole body in pain with every move, so I had taken Tylenol PM before bed and just fell straight away asleep. So G broke her string of sleeping in her own bed because I fell asleep. But she is not deterred and will be doing so again this week.

I want to explain about the gifts for her success in sleeping in her own bed. Our therapist recommended setting G up to succeed by giving gifts after shorter time spans. I had tried 5 days before so this time I just said basically $1 a day. So G could sleep about every two days in her bed winning two $1 gifts, and then I tried to lengthen the gifts to one every 2 days instead. That was too long for G. She needed the everyday reminder to continue to succeed.

So when I realized last week she was about to make the 5 days in a row (about 3 days into it) I stopped buying her gifts everyday and talked up the video she wanted for the last two days of the 5 day span. So by starting out with what to me was too easy of a goal, ie one night at a time, it was just the right amount of time to help G succeed. Now we are starting over with another 5 days for Kung Fu Panda but before we start on the actual 5 days G needs to be reminded that she can succeed. So for the first few days we will be at the one gift a day per her request.

Of course my mom thinks I ruined the whole thing by not moving her on Saturday night. I will tell you though, I was tired and sore from the bricks, and it didn't feel like it was going away. A lot of the time, for me, convenience wins. I think G really does like her bed though so I don't think we will have any trouble keeping her in her bed.

Another Busy Week

For G at least. She started vacation Bible school at my mom's church and at noon today she started swimming lessons. So last night she spent the night with my parents who took her and will take her to VBS and swimming lessons this week anyway. Next week I will take her to swimming lessons. She is not looking forward to swimming lessons for some unknown reason. She told me she wouldn't take them when she is 10. I told her she might take them until she is 30. Then she said, "Well, when I am as old as you I can dwive myself and will dwive to Bible study and school only." I guess she told me, heh.

I don't really understand the whole not liking classes like swim lessons and what not. She loves Barbie of Swan Lake but doesn't want to take the lessons to learn how to dance like that. She loves creative things but doesn't want to take a class to really learn art. She loves to be in the water but doesn't want to take the lessons to be safe in the water. In her pool she can stand on the bottom with head and shoulders out so it isn't a big deal but she wants to get in bigger pools.

She is also very funny about her clothes. She wants her shoulders covered as well as her tummy and legs to her mid-thigh so no bikini or traditional one piece suits. She is wearing surfer type suits from Tar*get. They are really cute on her but I assure you the modesty isn't coming from me that I know of. I also am very okay with her modesty, but it does prevent her from wanting to do somethings like dance lessons or gymnastics because of what they wear. She doesn't like anything tight on her so no dance outfits.

Anyway, she will either sleep really well every night or be really grumpy from over tiredness. We have given up naps for all intents and purposes because she goes to sleep better/earlier at night. I really didn't want to do that because I LURVE me some naps. We shall see how the week goes.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Finished Patio

Today my dad and I, sans G, finished the patio. Apparently the second day of work is not nearly as fun as the first day. I called my mom and asked her to come get G for us. She was about to get in trouble for just being a kid and not helping but getting in the way which is not fair to G. I could just see it all transpire so I got her out quickly.

Anyway, G slept in her own bed for 5 straight days as of last night so mom took her to Wallyworld to purchase the Alvin and Chipmunks DVD as a prize, that had been promised, oh sometime in the last millenium last month, but she had not been successful. This week when I realized she would make it, I reinforced the DVD as a prize. Well, she did it. After almost 4 years of sleeping mostly with me, G is finally in her own bed, let us hope it lasts.
So those aren't the best pics I could take but they will do in a pinch. The bricks need to settle some and then it will look a bit neater.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Another Great Read

Jack Hanna of Jack Hanna's Into the Wild has a new book available. It is The Wackiest Wildest Weirdest Animals in the World with a DVD of bloopers from the shows. This book gives interesting facts about quite a few different animals and comes from a creation viewpoint. Here is an interesting fact about a mole rat, it is neither a mole nor a rat. It is actually related to porcupines, chinchillas and guinea pigs. And they are ugly creatures to boot.
Here is something to consider, the ostrich is the second fastest animal right after the cheetah and the fastest two legged animal. It also can kill a lion with its claw on each foot.
A bit more information, the okapi can lick its own ears. It was discovered by western scientists in 1908 and not seen in the wild since 1958. In 2008 it was spotted and photographed for the first time.
On each animal four main facts are given: "What they eat." "Where they live." and "How big they get." "What makes them weird." There are other bits of information given, for example did you know the anteater consumes 30,000 insects each day. To me that says there are too many insects around. Of course I think I have that many mosquitos here.
Does anyone know how the platypus chews its food? Have you ever really thought about it? Yeah, me neither, but I know now, it scoops up gravel in its beat to help chew since it is toothless.
Have you ever heard much less seen the blue-footed booby? Yes there really is a marine bird called that and really does have blue feet. Why don't you check it out in your own Jack Hanna book? It is large, brightly colored, with lots of spectacular photos. The DVD is very funny too. G and I had a good laugh at the antics of the animals, even the human ones.

Where America Is Headed

ALG Editor’s Note: A nation far on the path to Marxism would do well to take note when the Russians comment on it, as in the following featured commentary by Stanislav Mishin:

"American capitalism gone with a whimper
By Stanislav Mishin

"It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American descent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.

"True, the situation has been well prepared on and off for the past century, especially the past twenty years. The initial testing grounds was conducted upon our Holy Russia and a bloody test itwas. But we Russians would not just roll over and give up our freedoms and our souls, no matter how much money Wall Street poured into the fists of the Marxists.

"Those lessons were taken and used to properly prepare the American populace for the surrender of their freedoms and souls, to the whims of their elites and betters.

"First, the population was dumbed down through a politicized and substandard education system based on pop culture, rather than the classics. Americans know more about their favorite TV dramas than the drama in DC that directly affects their lives. They care more for their "right" to choke down a McDonald’s burger or a Burger King burger than for their constitutional rights. Then they turn around and lecture us about our rights and about our "democracy". Pride blinds the foolish.

"Then their faith in God was destroyed, until their churches, all tens of thousands of different "branches and denominations" were for the most part little more than Sunday circuses and their televangelists and top protestant mega preachers were more than happy to sell out their souls and flocks to be on the "winning" side of one pseudo Marxist politician or another. Their flocks may complain, but when explained that they would be on the "winning" side, their flocks were ever so quick to reject Christ in hopes for earthly power. Even our Holy Orthodox churches are scandalously liberalized in America.

"The final collapse has come with the election of Barack Obama. His speed in the past three months has been truly impressive. His spending and money printing has been a record setting, not just in America's short history but in the world. If this keeps up for more than another year, and there is no sign that it will not, America at best will resemble the Weimar Republic and at worst Zimbabwe.

"These past two weeks have been the most breath taking of all. First came the announcement of a planned redesign of the American Byzantine tax system, by the very thieves who used it to bankroll their thefts, loses and swindles of hundreds of billions of dollars. These make our Russian oligarchs look little more than ordinary street thugs, in comparison. Yes, the Americans have beat our own thieves in the shear volumes. Should we congratulate them?

"These men, of course, are not an elected panel but made up of appointees picked from the very financial oligarchs and their henchmen who are now gorging themselves on trillions of American dollars, in one bailout after another. They are also usurping the rights, duties and powers of the American congress (parliament). Again, congress has put up little more than a whimper to their masters.

"Then came Barack Obama's command that GM's (General Motor) president step down from leadership of his company. That is correct, dear reader, in the land of "pure" free markets, the American president now has the power, the self given power, to fire CEOs and we can assume other employees of private companies, at will. Come hither, go dither, the centurion commands his minions.

"So it should be no surprise that the American president has followed this up with a "bold" move of declaring that he and another group of unelected, chosen stooges will now redesign the entire automotive industry and will even be the guarantee of automobile policies. I am sure that if given the chance, they would happily try and redesign it for the whole of the world, too. Prime Minister Putin, less than two months ago, warned Obama and UK's Blair, not to follow the path to Marxism, it only leads to disaster. Apparently, even though we suffered 70 years of this Western sponsored horror show, we know nothing, as foolish, drunken Russians, so let our "wise" Anglo-Saxon fools find out the folly of their own pride.

"Again, the American public has taken this with barely a whimper...but a "freeman" whimper.

"So, should it be any surprise to discover that the Democratically controlled Congress of America is working on passing a new regulation that would give the American Treasury department the power to set "fair" maximum salaries, evaluate performance and control how private companies give out pay raises and bonuses? Senator Barney Franks, a social pervert basking in his homosexuality (of course, amongst the modern, enlightened American societal norm, as well as that of the general West, homosexuality is not only not a looked down upon life choice, but is often praised as a virtue) and his Marxist enlightenment, has led this effort. He stresses that this only affects companies that receive government monies, but it is retroactive and taken to a logical extreme, this would include any company or industry that has ever received a tax break or incentive.

"The Russian owners of American companies and industries should look thoughtfully at this and the option of closing their facilities down and fleeing the land of the Red as fast as possible. In other words, divest while there is still value left.

"The proud American will go down into his slavery without a fight, beating his chest and proclaiming to the world, how free he really is. The world will only snicker."

Stanislav Mishin’s blog, Mat Rodina, can be read at

Maybe our great country should be more like Zimbabwe then we wouldn't take our freedoms for granted again. This was just too good not to post.

Ah, Summer, Which Means Projects, Apparently

Monday was the first day that G didn't go to daycare. I had briefly mentioned to my mom that I wanted to take this week and build a brick patio out the back door. Mainly it is to keep the mud, mosquitos and yuck from building up around the steps into the house and from being brought in by the dog.

We have brick, some here from the non-working chimneys that were located in this house before renovation and from a house that was on my mom's land that burned. It had been a pre-civil war era mansion that burned to the ground in 1975. So old bricks and very non-conforming in style, just a simple pattern for my purpose. Anyhoo, sometimes I have great, no, no, let me rephrase that, sometimes I have GRAND ideas but looooonnnnnggggg time frames, and this project was no different. I really probably wouldn't have even started it this week or this summer, heh.

Well, my dad calls yesterday morning to make sure that I was going to be around so he could bring the sand for the patio. Okay, so dad thinks it is a good idea and his time frames are generally shorter in scope and action. So yesterday, G, my dad and I started bricking in the patio. We got about half done before running out of bricks from my yard. I will have to get the bricks from Dad's yard to finish. We unloaded all the sand (I have a burst blister to prove it) and G thoroughly enjoyed herself, not even wanting to stop and eat.

Now this patio took a bit of work because the brick had to be moved from the back yard to the patio area and that is no small feat. Plus there were slugs everywhere. I prayed and prayed (and was heard) about not finding a snake in the bricks. We had to load the bricks in G's wagon, pull it to the patio area and unload it or place the bricks in place. That is tough work. At one point G said, "Somebody needs to get dis sweaty baby some bottled watuhr." She was too funny helping.

Of course when it is finished it will be wonderful. In the meantime it is very very sandy.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What We Have Done So Far This Week

Sunday was a going away lunch for our pastor and his wife. Monday we started bricking in the patio. Tuesday we had therapy, Target for a swimsuit and a museum.
Wed if it doesn't rain we have our jumper to get out and a trip to the library planned to investigate "Calipitters" in G-English. Ours has cocooned itself now so we wait for the butterfly to come out.

At the museum Tuesday (no camera but the phone) I took the picture of the shrunken head that is displayed there. Yes it is real and really old. It is a cute in a head-hunter-sort of way display with a recipe that tells how to create this shrunken head.

Great Minds Think Alike

One of my favorite pro-life conservative bloggers, La Shawn Barber, blogged about the killing in Little Rock, AR of the army recruiter. Did anyone hear the uproar or outrage in the mainstream media over their deaths? Or was the uproar about baby killer Tiller's death drowning it out? Thought so. In case you couldn't hear, the killer of the recruiter was a Muslim Extremist, hmmmm.

I thought about doing a post earlier (last night) but put if off and darn if she didn't beat me. That is okay, she is a much bigger (better) blogger than I anyway.

The anti-lifers who also hate America and all it stands for haven't even given a second thought to the radical beliefs of Muslim extremists while they blather on about the one man who really wasn't much of a pro-lifer while attempting to link his views (wrongly) with true pro-lifers. And yes I am making up words like "pro-lifer" 'cause it is my blog and I can. They are even calling for Federal troops to protect abortion clinics, bah! Let's see, since Roe v. Wade in 1973 I believe there have been 8 anti-life doctors killed by whack jobs not related to any true pro-life group.

Yes, I think Muslim extremists broke that record number of 8 in one year, actually the year was 2001, killed over 3000. Anyone remember 2001? Anyone? Buehler? Heck that was in one day, 9/11. Never mind the many other attacks on Americans off of American soil prior to 2001 and the WTC attempt in the Clinton era or was that Bush 1, (my "current events" memory is a bit rusty)? But isn't it just my luck David Prager gave the history of Muslim violence against the US since 1973 the same year abortion was legalized in his editorial on Obama's Egypt visit? I wonder if that could not be some sort of Divine justice connecting abortion legalization and the Muslims attempt to kill us all (file this under things that make me go "hmmmm?").

I want to know why Obama didn't condemn the Muslim attack in LR like his issued statement on the Tiller ordeal? Maybe he was actually saying goodbye to the Tiller dollars in his and other Dems campaigns? Instead he ridiculously recognized deviant sexual behaviors with his gay month of June, WTH(eck)? Do we really need to make people aware of every person who has sex with the same sex or swings both ways or even dresses in drag? UMM, that would be a big NOPE.

Get real Obama, your agenda is misprioritized and has always been even in the 6 years you spent campaigning on taxpayer dollars. Presidents should be more concerned with life not making it more okay to kill babies. Presidents should spend more time protecting the country, not appeasing 2% of the population who choose to behave in deviant sexual ways.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Caterpillar Poop and Other Ramblings

G helped her grandad in his garden to pick worms off the cabbages. So G would bring the green worms up to show us and then drop them and squish them. Better dead than red eating the cabbages.

After helping grandad and after lunch she got in her pool which was still very cold. She convinced both her grammie and grandad to get in there with her. I was not foolish appropriately convinced to take a dip.

Anyway, Grandad found a caterpillar or in G-English "calipillar" for G and so we put him in our now emptied lightening bug jar. On to the poop, I had to clean that jar out by mid afternoon because of caterpillar poop. See the picture? Okay, I zoomed in a bit so it isn't really true to size but trust me, you wouldn't be able to miss it.
For such a tiny creature that poop is pretty big, bigger than a mouse's.
This particular pic was taken Sunday evening after putting our caterpillar in a new clean jar. Incredible, but like I tell G everybody poops, apparently.
I also finally needed a bit o' color in my hair. I made it almost 39 years with natural highlights (fake curls at times) but finally I had to do it. Mom bleached or colored my hair much to G's chagrin. G wanted to take a video of me so included with this post is me in all my hair being colored glory (sorry about the b**b shots)! Images in camera are bigger than they appear! Oh and G's "calipillar", David Worm ourlastname, is included in video as well.