Monday, June 08, 2009

Another Busy Week

For G at least. She started vacation Bible school at my mom's church and at noon today she started swimming lessons. So last night she spent the night with my parents who took her and will take her to VBS and swimming lessons this week anyway. Next week I will take her to swimming lessons. She is not looking forward to swimming lessons for some unknown reason. She told me she wouldn't take them when she is 10. I told her she might take them until she is 30. Then she said, "Well, when I am as old as you I can dwive myself and will dwive to Bible study and school only." I guess she told me, heh.

I don't really understand the whole not liking classes like swim lessons and what not. She loves Barbie of Swan Lake but doesn't want to take the lessons to learn how to dance like that. She loves creative things but doesn't want to take a class to really learn art. She loves to be in the water but doesn't want to take the lessons to be safe in the water. In her pool she can stand on the bottom with head and shoulders out so it isn't a big deal but she wants to get in bigger pools.

She is also very funny about her clothes. She wants her shoulders covered as well as her tummy and legs to her mid-thigh so no bikini or traditional one piece suits. She is wearing surfer type suits from Tar*get. They are really cute on her but I assure you the modesty isn't coming from me that I know of. I also am very okay with her modesty, but it does prevent her from wanting to do somethings like dance lessons or gymnastics because of what they wear. She doesn't like anything tight on her so no dance outfits.

Anyway, she will either sleep really well every night or be really grumpy from over tiredness. We have given up naps for all intents and purposes because she goes to sleep better/earlier at night. I really didn't want to do that because I LURVE me some naps. We shall see how the week goes.

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