Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Another Great Read

Jack Hanna of Jack Hanna's Into the Wild has a new book available. It is The Wackiest Wildest Weirdest Animals in the World with a DVD of bloopers from the shows. This book gives interesting facts about quite a few different animals and comes from a creation viewpoint. Here is an interesting fact about a mole rat, it is neither a mole nor a rat. It is actually related to porcupines, chinchillas and guinea pigs. And they are ugly creatures to boot.
Here is something to consider, the ostrich is the second fastest animal right after the cheetah and the fastest two legged animal. It also can kill a lion with its claw on each foot.
A bit more information, the okapi can lick its own ears. It was discovered by western scientists in 1908 and not seen in the wild since 1958. In 2008 it was spotted and photographed for the first time.
On each animal four main facts are given: "What they eat." "Where they live." and "How big they get." "What makes them weird." There are other bits of information given, for example did you know the anteater consumes 30,000 insects each day. To me that says there are too many insects around. Of course I think I have that many mosquitos here.
Does anyone know how the platypus chews its food? Have you ever really thought about it? Yeah, me neither, but I know now, it scoops up gravel in its beat to help chew since it is toothless.
Have you ever heard much less seen the blue-footed booby? Yes there really is a marine bird called that and really does have blue feet. Why don't you check it out in your own Jack Hanna book? It is large, brightly colored, with lots of spectacular photos. The DVD is very funny too. G and I had a good laugh at the antics of the animals, even the human ones.


Vivian M said...

Sounds like something fun we can do together! I am getting tired of Harry Potter, lol!

Marla said...

Dalton would love this, thanks for sharing. It will be something to keep him busy this summer.