Friday, June 12, 2009

Awww, Thank You

for your comments. I know everyone is busy this summer, so it means a lot for you to take the time to comment. Something about the summer business that is different than the school year business is the lack of perceived schedules. School time is so scheduled that it may be easier to find time to surf the blogs. Summer on the other hand is usually a time of spur of the moment outings or other fun events, family gatherings etc that blog surfing is really not a priority, and it shouldn't be. So again thank you for commenting.

Now, G is still in her own bed, yea! She still LOVES swimming. We have another four days to go and the last day is graduation (picture) day. Last night she spent the night with my parents and tonight she will as well. The deal was, G asked to spend tonight with them and grammie said yes. Then grammie remembered that today was the last day of VBS and wanted G to spend last night with them to go today. Saturday G and her grandad are going fishing to use the worms they caught Wed so that is the reason for tonight's spending the night.

Wed. G and her grandad caught a few fishing worms that we fed cornbread/cornmeal and water. Yesterday one of the baby birds hatched and G tried to feed it one of her worms. It didn't want her worms but wanted its parents to come get it away from the humans. G asked me Wed if we would keep the worms when no fish were caught. I had to explain that the worms would be dead whether or not the fish were caught. I wasn't sure if G would understand or if she would be upset, but when she tried to feed the worm to the bird I figured she could handle killing the worms for fishing.

I had gone out to my parents for dinner because my mom bought some blueberries at the farmer's market and made me a pie. That is my absolute fav. pie in the whole world, second is cherry. I loved the cherry pies from McDs before they got all health conscious. They had blueberry pies for a while. Danver's had blueberry turnovers for a while too, loved them! Anyway, big digression, sorry. G called me last night about 8:30ish and said, "Mama, I forgot to tell you sumpin'." I said, "What did you 'forgot' to tell me?" She said, "I lub you." I said, "I love you too baby girl."

Tuesday, I sent the shutterfly book I had made to Wuzhou courtesy of a family who is going on either an adoption trip or on a homeland tour. I did not get the letter translated though because I couldn't afford to. Also I ran out of time to translate it on the web (it is a long wordy letter). I will try to do translate the letter and send it directly to the SWI later referencing the book.

I am going to e-mail the interviewers to get a spot in the early time on June 17. I may have waited too long. Thinking about it even makes my head hurt and my chest pound. I do not like presentations when something is truly riding on it, like a job. I can do them when I already have a position even if I am scared. I have been having dreams of going back to school. They need their own post.

Hopefully pictures are coming soon. My computer doesn't like to get too busy. Plus my cat has done something with some combinations of buttons to shut my internet down when I close one window. Without meaning too the cat has reset several significant settings on the computer and internet settings that I have yet to figure out. Yes it seems my cat napping is smarter than I am with computers!

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Don and Denise Sullivan said...

Sounds like life is treating you well. Mmmmm homemade blueberry pie. What a great summertime treat!!