Monday, June 01, 2009

Caterpillar Poop and Other Ramblings

G helped her grandad in his garden to pick worms off the cabbages. So G would bring the green worms up to show us and then drop them and squish them. Better dead than red eating the cabbages.

After helping grandad and after lunch she got in her pool which was still very cold. She convinced both her grammie and grandad to get in there with her. I was not foolish appropriately convinced to take a dip.

Anyway, Grandad found a caterpillar or in G-English "calipillar" for G and so we put him in our now emptied lightening bug jar. On to the poop, I had to clean that jar out by mid afternoon because of caterpillar poop. See the picture? Okay, I zoomed in a bit so it isn't really true to size but trust me, you wouldn't be able to miss it.
For such a tiny creature that poop is pretty big, bigger than a mouse's.
This particular pic was taken Sunday evening after putting our caterpillar in a new clean jar. Incredible, but like I tell G everybody poops, apparently.
I also finally needed a bit o' color in my hair. I made it almost 39 years with natural highlights (fake curls at times) but finally I had to do it. Mom bleached or colored my hair much to G's chagrin. G wanted to take a video of me so included with this post is me in all my hair being colored glory (sorry about the b**b shots)! Images in camera are bigger than they appear! Oh and G's "calipillar", David Worm ourlastname, is included in video as well.


Mammatalk said...

Caterpillar's poop? ;-)

LivingInspired said...

Thanks for stopping by! I would've never thought caterpillars really pooped the size that needed to be maintained in its habitat. Yikes!

Super Mommy said...

Should I be surprised G picked the green worms and squished them? Now my girls would have played with the caterpillar - but wouldn't touch a worm! You go G!!

The pool looks inviting!

Vivian M said...

I had no idea about the poop, wow. But I loved G's video! Can we see a picture of your hair now?