Tuesday, June 23, 2009

G Conversations

Taken at the children's museum today. I did the face paint with the paint sticks available.
Last night when I picked her up from VBS, "Did you have a snack?"
G: "Yes."
Me: "What did you have?"
G: "Something and something I don't know the name for it."
Me: "Well, what did it have in it?"
G: "Oh yeah, a cheese grill samwich and something wike chips but it wasn't chips."
Me: "Did you have pretzels?"
G: "Um, it had pretzels in it."
Me (Aha moment): "Was it a party mix?"
G: "Well, it wasn't a pahrty, just Bible school."
Me: "Um right. Did you eat it?"
G: "Well, I ate three bites."
Me: "So you don't need supper because you had a grilled cheese for supper?"
G (getting upset): "Well, dat's not suppuhr, I've had grilled cheese for wunch before. I need a big dinner, from Sonic."
Me: "Oh okay so you want a corndog and fries?"
G: "Yes."
So we get the kids meal. We get home and G says after eating 3 fries and no corndog, "I'm done."
Me: "Oh, the heck you are done!! If you don't eat that corndog tonight, you will be eating it for breakfast." Evening deteriorated quickly after that, and G had corndog for breakfast.
There wasn't a note about the church feeding them supper during VBS. I am only getting G's version of snack time. When I was in VBS 30(cough, cough) years ago we only had cookies and coolaid no lunch or supper.

This morning as I tried to wake her up for our appointment.
Me: "Wake up, time to get up. Are you ready for your corn dog?"
G: "I'm still sweepy."
Me: "You know if you would go to sleep earlier you can get up in the morning."
G: "Well, I caann'tt go to sweep. My bones won't let me."
Me: "Your bones?"
G: "Yes. My bones stay awake at night and go to sweep in the morning. See, they're asweep."
Me: "Well, you can go to sleep in the car on the way to the appt."
G: "No, see, the car seat is not scwunchie like a bay-ed is."


Mama Duck said...

Oh Lord help me when I get to that stage with Little Bit...

Your conversations with G are SO FUNNY! (But I say that because they're not happening to me.)

Everyday Mom Designs said...

She is just so cute and sweet! Hope she enjoyed her corndog for breakfast!

Christy said...

That just cracks me up. She is so funny and I love the way you type her words-- it makes it like she is totally talking. Cute face painting. It looks like you guys are totally enjoying summer-- fun!!

Christy :)

Super Mommy said...

Love the face paint - she really went to town decorating it! I'm sure she's having a great time at VBS - even though it's not a "party" ;0)

Mmmmm - who doesn't love corndogs for breakfast?

Don and Denise Sullivan said...

OMG I am dying laughing! Love it!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I love this girl's logic! Don't you think she has amazing reasoning skills??? I do!

Maybe I just feel a connection with her because we both love Sonic!

Mira is triplet crown said...

Cute kid. Cute conversation and I'm sure corn dogs taste great the next day! I wouldn't know as I've never eaten one but I'm guessing! Thanks for visiting my blog...

mommy24treasures said...

She is such a cutie. I love her personality.