Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Great Minds Think Alike

One of my favorite pro-life conservative bloggers, La Shawn Barber, blogged about the killing in Little Rock, AR of the army recruiter. Did anyone hear the uproar or outrage in the mainstream media over their deaths? Or was the uproar about baby killer Tiller's death drowning it out? Thought so. In case you couldn't hear, the killer of the recruiter was a Muslim Extremist, hmmmm.

I thought about doing a post earlier (last night) but put if off and darn if she didn't beat me. That is okay, she is a much bigger (better) blogger than I anyway.

The anti-lifers who also hate America and all it stands for haven't even given a second thought to the radical beliefs of Muslim extremists while they blather on about the one man who really wasn't much of a pro-lifer while attempting to link his views (wrongly) with true pro-lifers. And yes I am making up words like "pro-lifer" 'cause it is my blog and I can. They are even calling for Federal troops to protect abortion clinics, bah! Let's see, since Roe v. Wade in 1973 I believe there have been 8 anti-life doctors killed by whack jobs not related to any true pro-life group.

Yes, I think Muslim extremists broke that record number of 8 in one year, actually the year was 2001, killed over 3000. Anyone remember 2001? Anyone? Buehler? Heck that was in one day, 9/11. Never mind the many other attacks on Americans off of American soil prior to 2001 and the WTC attempt in the Clinton era or was that Bush 1, (my "current events" memory is a bit rusty)? But isn't it just my luck David Prager gave the history of Muslim violence against the US since 1973 the same year abortion was legalized in his editorial on Obama's Egypt visit? I wonder if that could not be some sort of Divine justice connecting abortion legalization and the Muslims attempt to kill us all (file this under things that make me go "hmmmm?").

I want to know why Obama didn't condemn the Muslim attack in LR like his issued statement on the Tiller ordeal? Maybe he was actually saying goodbye to the Tiller dollars in his and other Dems campaigns? Instead he ridiculously recognized deviant sexual behaviors with his gay month of June, WTH(eck)? Do we really need to make people aware of every person who has sex with the same sex or swings both ways or even dresses in drag? UMM, that would be a big NOPE.

Get real Obama, your agenda is misprioritized and has always been even in the 6 years you spent campaigning on taxpayer dollars. Presidents should be more concerned with life not making it more okay to kill babies. Presidents should spend more time protecting the country, not appeasing 2% of the population who choose to behave in deviant sexual ways.

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