Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

I am so ready for the weekend but for what I know not since one day is just like the other. Last night I listed 4 books on amazon to sell and one sold already. I am not making really anything on it. Amazon takes almost 50% commission and fees and in some cases at least that. If it costs more than 3.99 to ship I won't make anything on it. So I guess re-selling books is only to get rid of them and break even not make any income. Or don't sell through Amazon? I guess the number of books would be the key as well.

G and I went swimming today. I am very very VERY tired. Throwing a 40lb girl around the pool makes for one very tired momma. G won't practice something that she doesn't know how to do well. She still has not much propulsion in her kicks and swim. We are still working on it.

I came home, showered off and put my pjs on at 6:30pm. G was afraid that I wouldn't fix supper and started crying about wanting supper. I told her that as soon as supper was over we would go to bed. Although G is sleeping now consistently in her own bed, she still doesn't go to sleep. She usually stays awake at least an hour after bedtime. I don't understand it. I love to sleep, not that I can sleep all day anymore, but I love to sleep.

After swimming we attempted to make a pinch pot with some of the clay G received for her bday. We have a tendency to get the clay too wet and then over use it. This is the second pinch pot we have made through default. Default is that we attempted other things that wouldn't turn out due to the tiredness of the clay.

Oh and what about Michael Jackson? What a surprise... but not really. I mean he had lived a pretty stressful life from childhood. He was young though to have a heart attack. I doubt he will have the after death following that Elvis had.

We are now watching Kung Fu Panda. It is really a funny movie. G had spaghetti for supper, me a sandwich, watermelon and kingdons. Nutritious, no?

Yesterday, G and I rearranged our dining room and living room. It looks different, not so much better. I have too much stuff! G had a blast re-decorating.

My ears are so stopped up even after the swimmer's ear. I am hearing through the ocean and it doesn't feel good. Oh G learned to do a cannon ball today. The hearing through a little water will be worth it when she can really swim well, and I don't have to be such the hover mom. Soon we will be able to really swim in the deep end as well.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Sounds like things are going well! I wanna go swimming! Oh, go check out my blog! I'm having my first giveaway!

Jill said...

Just checking in....glad to hear things are going swimmingly well! LOL!
Hugs, Jill

Christy said...

Sounds like you are staying busy and very involved with G-- that is too cool!! We love King fu panda as well-- totally cute movie. Have you seen UP? It is such an awesome movie-- really great movie!!

Have fun this weekend.

Christy :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, I know what you mean when you talk about tiring at the pool. The Tongginator is the same way - won't try something she can't succeed at. It's slow going, but we are making progress!