Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Catch Up and What the Heck Is That?

Okay, well we have had a busy two days. Friday morning G and I took off for my parents house for breakfast. There is a KOA park near their home and it has a pool. For $5 per person per day we can swim. It doesn't have a diving board for G to jump from but really she can jump in the pool from the side. It has 3', 5' and 9'. We swam from 9:30am to noon, back to my parents for lunch and small rest, back to the pool at 2ish until 4:30pm. I wasn't as burned as I thought I was, yea! The pics are of G and our cat Simon Thursday night. G spent the night with my parents last night.

Today, I met my friend S who took me to the blueberry farm farther south. We spent a bit over 2 hours picking 2 gallons of blueberries for $11. Yes that might be a bit high but there were no chiggars/redbugs and the field is well kept. Of course I didn't really think of chiggars/redbugs until my mom asked if I had any and now I itch all over!
I already used a cup of my blueberries in a smoothie with yogurt, fresh squeezed orange juice, vanilla yogurt and a banana. SO GOOD for supper! G is having spaghetti that she also helped cook. Even though she helped me make my dinner; she refused to try it.

After blueberry picking I went to my parents for lunch and ended up spending another hour and half in the pool there with G. G learned how to turn a front flip in the pool today. Watching the kids yesterday at the KOA pool she was able to figure out how to go over. I am now no longer afraid of her drowning though I am still very much a hover-mother in the pool.

It amazed me that the moms at the pool with small children, aged 5 and up, chose to sunbathe while the kids annoyed all the other adults and shoved or splashed the other kids in the pool swam by themselves. Do they not worry that something might happen? Are they THAT confident that a 5 year old can safely swim in the deep water without their intervention or that the life jacket really will keep the the kid safe? No lifeguards on duty ya' know. I didn't get it and can never be that mom, not yet. G is way to precious for an accident to happen in the pool from exhaustion or getting disoriented in the water. Anyway, that is another gripe for another post (one that is better left unwritten).
Last night when I was getting ready for bed I noticed it. With my glasses off, there in the mirror across the countertop, there it was. A brown patch, on my skin, on my FACE, right there on the cheek bone next to my eye!
Okay, I know I am getting old. I will be 40 next September (mark your calendars now, heh). But dang, a sun spot just showed up on my face after yesterday's pool time. For me to notice it as far back as I was without my glasses is pretty big deal cause I don't really see small things well without them, but this I could see.

Can you see them? Don't mind the shine (y) face from sunscreen or the crazed look in my eye. But see the brown patches. The glare from the flash cuts the big one in half. Then there are two more down under my eye on the cheek bone. I don't wear makeup except on Sundays but I do use 15 SPF lotion on my face daily and 50 SPF when I swim.

The other thing is I still have major acne breakouts! How can I get the 15 year old acne and the old lady age spots at the same time? Life is so unfair, ugh.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand your concern for your daughter's safety; however, as far as lifejackets are concerned, they really are pretty much as safe as it gets. Unless the kid takes if off, they really can't fail. If they weren't safe, I don't think children would be allowed to ride on boats, tubes, etc. in the lake or other large bodies of water. Just a thought....

Mr. Fricke said...

LOL, I just noticed some brown spots a few weeks ago in the exact same place! And...I still get acne breakouts. Sucks, doesn't it?!? Ask your doctor about a Retin-A cream.

Glad G loves the pool! I agree on the spaced out parents. Drives me nuts as well.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I struggle, too, because life vests aren't allowed in our pool (they want the parents standing right there, watching and aware), but many parents become easily distracted regardless. There was a drowning at our pool just two summers ago.

Mama Duck said...

I've just noticed sunspots on my face, too. ACK!

And I agree with your summation of pool experiences with G. Some people are really lax. G is way too precious to leave unattended. It only takes a few seconds for disasters to happen...

Dawn said...

Hee Hee!! I understand your frustration about brown spots and acne at the same time ( I will be joining the 4-0 club this January ).

We watch Courtney like a hawk at our neighborhood pool, but it's amazing how many parents are so lax about doing that. It only takes a couple of inches of water for a child to drown.

ps ... Courtney Mei's blog is now "invitation only", so please email me at so I can add you to our readers :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Umm...I have those on my throat..weird huh? I am sure I have them because there were MANY years as a younger girl I did not wear sunscreen;)

I just love her smile.....I too am shocked at the beach here in VA that people do not watch their little ones better. I tell ya...I am a nervous wreck with Lottie and Emma near the water. The waves and the tide is so strong it would literally take a second for them to be swept out to sea. We are just good moms...that's all;)

Super Mommy said...

Um, those are called "age spots" - how do you get them? Aging . . . ask your doctor for Retin A

Vivian M said...

Not that long ago a friend lost their daughter to an accident by the pool...she slipped and hit her head. I don't think you are hovering, but keeping a watchful eye on your precious daughter. And I don't blame you, I guess I am a hovering Mom too then.

As for the spots, maybe a dermatologist can provide a treatment to help? Personally, they look like freckles, and I would never have noticed if you had not pointed them out. Because I am covered in "freckles", and I am older than you!

Penelope said...

I just joined at a follower! I love blueberries, and I'm with you, I would *not* take my eyes off my child in the pool. I almost drowned as a child while wearing one...for some reason, the lifejacket stayed afloat, but my small six year old body did not balance well in the strong jacket, which kept flipping me over (and I could not swim) and no one was around. I managed, after struggling for a very long time, to get to the edge of the pool and hold myself upright, when someone passing saw a child in the pool gasping out for air.