Monday, June 15, 2009

Such Talent

Yes, my girl has lots of hidden talent. Paper plate ring spins will take her far. This was last night after supper when she was stalling going to bed or even getting ready for bed.

I was exhausted short-tempered having been up since 4am due to storms knocking the power off several times before 7. Dog totally freaked out and couldn't get her calm for several hours, like 5 hours. So by 9amish the dog finally went outside to pee and was quite a bit calmer.

Then Sunday school and then off to a family reunion down in MS with my parents. We had a good time looking at the new generation of family come along. Lots of babies. One little boy came outside (parents nearby) and only had blue jean shorts on. He was only in crawling stage. G looked at him and said, "Mama, why dat baby out herweh neckie?" She doesn't see many shirtless boys in our neighborhood, heh. G had a great time following around the big girls.

So no nap for me Sunday, ugh. Swim lessons today through Thursday and then I think my mom may accompany us to the beach/lake for a end of swim celebration.

G fished with her grandad on Saturday. She had a great time chasing ducks and looking for turtles. Not sure how much actual fishing got done as there were no fish caught.

Sunday night ended badly as G was uncooperative for her shower, and then I hurt her feelings because she has this nice little retort she does towards me that has bad attitude all over it! I am really tired of hearing it.

Why do the evenings from good days end in bad/uncooperative attitudes with hurt feelings and tears? She is still sleeping in her own bed though and loves it as I do!


Super Mommy said...

How creative! ;0)

The reunion sounds fun - I miss those - we used to go a lot as children.

Ohilda said...

So cute!! I hope you're rested by now. The paper rings remind me of the Chinese Acrobat show we watched in Beijing. Kai loves that kind of stuff. I think it's definitely in their blood. :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent talent.

My son always melts down after an exciting day too. I think he just gets over stimulated.

Marla said...

Yep, talent for sure.

Vivian M said...

Glad she is still sleeping in her own bed!

Maybe G was just over tired?

Ava Baby said...

She is so cute! My daughter has been throwing more and more little tantrums since turning 3. Hopefully, this will pass sometime soon. Until then, fun, fun, fun.