Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swim Graduation Today

(Pictures and videos below)
G was very excited to swim today. She told me she would not be embarrassed for me to watch. She did really well. When she swims with the dive hands she has perfect form. When she swims with the "shoo bug" she bends her legs to kick as she bends her arms to shoo bug. I have to break the connection between her arm moves and her legs. With the straight leg kick she has more power to propel across the pool.

At one point I thought she was a goner. That is the third video. The dad of the little girl was sitting next to me and he did nothing. I mean what could he have done other than when it was over tell her not to do that again. It stressed me out quite a bit. I think G was embarrassed that the girl did that.

At one point the teacher had 5 little girls in the deep and one little girl just wouldn't mind at all. They were supposed to stay seated in little benches built into the deep end. This little girl kept trying to reach the ledge though and her mom wasn't there. I got up to just sit down there to keep her minding. By the time I sat down though she had slipped in, so I grabbed her arm to pull her out. I made her sit on the side of the pool. The teacher was working with another little girl, and although she could have kept them both from drowning, I helped out a bit. The teacher had already scolded this same little girl twice before I got there.

I mean there were several of us parents around the least we could do was crowd control. The teacher thanked me after class and told me she wasn't being mean or snappy to me when she said the girl wasn't going to drown in 2 seconds, just that she was mad at the little girl for not minding the first two times. I didn't think she was being snappy and told her so. I did tell her I knew the little girl wouldn't drown, I mean she learned how to swim but still she didn't need to be trying the teacher's patience that way.

G when we got there, very proud smile.

G after the graduation with her ribbon and certificate (names covered).

Yesterday we swam at grammie's pool to practice. G told me she didn't think it would be fun for me to help her then she said, "But it is." I asked her if she thought I would be mean to her and she said, "Yes." I try to make it as fun as Ms. Lisa. Oh and today, G's teacher put lipstick on to teach because of all the photos/videos, heh.


Super Mommy said...

Yay G!! You are quite the fish!!

The Straight's said...

Go G!! She is getting so "grown up"-sigh.

AZMom said...

Way to go G!!! Love all the pics and vids! Also so glad you grabbed the little one. I would have done the same thing!

Christy said...

Good for her!! She really did great in the videos! Im impressed. I cant wait till mia is water safe. Good job G!!!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

She's doing so good!

Vivian M said...

I am so proud of Miss G, she did wonderfully!

Jennifer said...

Great videos! Congrats to G!