Monday, June 08, 2009

Weekend Update-Sans Pictures

I am having a terrible time with Internet speed and my very slow computer. If I get too many things going at once the computer just shuts me off the Internet so for now no pics of the weekend. I will give you an update though. G and I went to a garage sale held by her pre-school teacher. Actually we went twice, once early (8ish) in the morning and the next time right after finishing breakfast. G loves Mrs. E's dog, a yorkie named Jack. The second time we ended up buying the train table with all new train pieces, $50. The train table with old broken pieces used to be in G's classroom. The school gave it to Mrs. E for her garage sale because they were just going to throw it out. So we are now the proud owner of a train table and all the train stuffs. Plus it is a great place to also play legos and littlest pet shop!

The first time we went to the sale we bought three Chinese lanterns that I have to figure out how to hang in G's room and three strands of the outdoor lights with Chinese lanterns on them. One strand has a light out that I have to fix but the other two are hanging nicely on the patio over the table area. I also added some plants back there to enhance the space, heh. We also bought some lantern covers for indoor/outdoor lights. I have a couple of strands that I will put them on and possibly hang them over G's bed as a sort of night light.

Saturday we also had a visitor, my friend T from up the highway about an hour or so and her two kids. They were on the way home from the zoo and just wanted to stop to say hi. Earlier than that visit G entertained her friend from across the street for about 2 hours. To say G was ecstatic about this visit would not do it justice. She just continued to grin from ear to ear and didn't want the playdate to end. It wasn't so bad but I didn't let them wreck her room. I made them stay outside or in the front room with legos and the littlest pet shop or in the living room working on the fusion beads.

Then Saturday night we were snuggling in my bed talking; I had promised G I would take her to her bed when she fell asleep. At 1 am, I woke up and realized we were both still in my bed and just decided to leave it that way. Putting in the patio literally had my whole body in pain with every move, so I had taken Tylenol PM before bed and just fell straight away asleep. So G broke her string of sleeping in her own bed because I fell asleep. But she is not deterred and will be doing so again this week.

I want to explain about the gifts for her success in sleeping in her own bed. Our therapist recommended setting G up to succeed by giving gifts after shorter time spans. I had tried 5 days before so this time I just said basically $1 a day. So G could sleep about every two days in her bed winning two $1 gifts, and then I tried to lengthen the gifts to one every 2 days instead. That was too long for G. She needed the everyday reminder to continue to succeed.

So when I realized last week she was about to make the 5 days in a row (about 3 days into it) I stopped buying her gifts everyday and talked up the video she wanted for the last two days of the 5 day span. So by starting out with what to me was too easy of a goal, ie one night at a time, it was just the right amount of time to help G succeed. Now we are starting over with another 5 days for Kung Fu Panda but before we start on the actual 5 days G needs to be reminded that she can succeed. So for the first few days we will be at the one gift a day per her request.

Of course my mom thinks I ruined the whole thing by not moving her on Saturday night. I will tell you though, I was tired and sore from the bricks, and it didn't feel like it was going away. A lot of the time, for me, convenience wins. I think G really does like her bed though so I don't think we will have any trouble keeping her in her bed.

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Vivian M said...

I don't think you ruined it, just step right back into the routine and remind her of the incentive!