Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We spent most of the day out on our patio until it was just too hot to be there. We came home from swim lessons around 11:30ish. I fixed us lunch and we ate on the patio. Then we just hung out there. We planted some plants, weeded the front steps and walkway, and then enjoyed the breeze. By 2:30 though I had it and needed to come inside.

While on the patio, G would tell me we were going to have a show with lots of kids and animals then she would go sit down for me to "watch." Then I would clap or say "yea" or something to let her know I watched the show. She would get up and say, "Now what did you learn?" If I said the wrong thing she would tell me, "That's not what you learned." We "watched" several shows. She was the ring leader like at a circus she said.

We headed to the blue slides for about an hour around 3:30. I got a few cute pics of G and read a fascinating book with which I am not quite through. I will give a brief review of it here on the blog because I think it is that important. I have not been asked to review it, am doing it on my own.

The pics were from the blue slides. It was almost too hot to be out there. I sat in the shade and there was a breeze of hot/cold mix. It was pleasant by 4:30 but any earlier we would have died. No, it isn't in the 100s but it is as humid as Guangzhou without the breeze. Forget the makeup and hair stuff because it won't stay in long. Not that my summer dictates pretty-ing myself up. I am working hard on my flipflop tan. I need a new pair. These are almost run in the ground.


Vivian M said...

I just love the picture of Miss G on the slide thing! Her hair looks amazing too.

I really dislike the heat...and have no idea how anyone can wear makeup outside without it melting, lol!

Make sure you use sunscreen!

Mama Duck said...

You both have been having a busy, fun summer it seems! G is a very smart girl!