Friday, July 17, 2009

At the Age of 5...

funny pictures of cats with captionsThis is exactly what I hear from G, did this morning even. Oh the toys we have. Maybe too many to choose from, once in another life, before G, I was going to be one of those moms who limit the number of toys the child can have. My only allowance was going to be creative or educational toys. I was going to only allow a small number of toys and swap them out when a new one came in. Well, that lasted all of about long, heh. Basically, that idea flew out the window the day we left for China, July 21, 2005. Oh yes we are coming upon 4 years as a family together. The official day is July 25 but the adoption was completed on July 26. This year the anniversary dates are on the weekend. Not sure how we will celebrate. G wants to go for "Mexin" that evening like we did last year. She already knows what gift she will be getting, legos, if she hasn't forgotten. Bed time hasn't been going very well lately. G goes to sleep in her own bed only to be wide awake 2 hours later. Not sure what she is waking up from but she is asleep for at least 2 hours. Then on top of that her legs are cramping at night waking her up in tears. Last night she was talking in her sleep and said "The girl won't give it to me." I told her to just ask to share "it." Then she started crying about her leg. I had to get up and give her a baby aspirin. So far the last 4 nights at some point she is ending up in my bed which makes for a very grumpy mama in the morning. G isn't the only sleep snatcher living around here. Tuesday night the dog was afraid of the thunderstorm that came through. I was totally miserable, and G joined in the fray around 5am because the storm scared her too. The last two days we have gotten up just before 10a.m. Yep, late, which will be terrible come Aug 18 and school starts. I am also losing track of days by not working. Tomorrow we are going swimming, we haven't been in over a week. I think we def. need a day at the pool to wear us both out. Wish the dog could come.


Vivian M said...

Happy Forever Family Day!!! It went by so fast, didn't it?

Hope the sleep issues improve. Try giving G bananas, or add them to a shake for the potassium (it helps with leg cramps).

Have fun at the pool!

The Byrd's Nest said...

lol on the dog comment at the end.

Sorry about the sleep, Lottie has gone through this a little and maybe it is growing pains. Although, Lottie never seems to grow that much. I started giving her some motrin before she fell asleep for a couple of nights and then it stopped.

I still sleep with them so I know how tired you are my friend.

As for toys, we had everything too. I never thought I would be that kind of mom either. My girls miss their toys:(

Beth said...

Congratulations on all of the anniversaries. How exciting! I know EXACTLY what you mean about the toys. We also planned on "rotating the stock" so to speak, but in no way has that happened. I've tried hard not to let them take over the house, but we now have the plastic kitchen in the living room. UGH!