Monday, July 13, 2009

I Declare Myself...

Clutz Of The Year-2009!! Yeah, Hooray! ::clapping::

Yesterday morning getting ready for church I was pointing with my foot to something for G while wearing my sort of tall wedge sandals when my other foot fell off my sort of tall wedge sandal and down I went. Straight down that is, landing squarly on my bum. My first thought was collapsed spine how humiliating. G just stared at me.

Friday night I read way late into the night for a while in a less than comfortable position so that on Saturday morning I felt pain rip through my shoulders and neck slight discomfort in my back, nothing a few hundred alleve didn't cure (for a while).

Sadly, I forget the pain in my bum until I bend over or sit down then I am shocked how badly I do hurt. No chair is comfortable at first. Oh and a thunderstorm came through at 1 amish for about 2 hours. Ask me how I know the time. Go ahead and ask. Oh, okay I will tell you. My dog is terrified of thunderstorms so I was up with her for that length of time trying to keep her from stepping on G.

You ask why was G in my bed when she has been sleeping in her own bed for a while now? Yes, well, from the pain in my shoulders/back and from staying up too late Friday I was too tired to argue. See, we stopped at my uncle's home for a brief visit and the movie Ghostbusters was on. G watched it though I warned her not to. Though she didn't see much, the movie both intrigued her and scared her, so Saturday night she refused to sleep alone. Then she kept me up later than I wanted, 'cuz she doesn't like to go to sleep.

The good news is I was able to take a very long nap Sunday. We even went to play on the blue slides (no pics, I was reading). We both were able to get a good night's rest last night.

Today G has an eye appt, tomorrow the dentist and Wed our therapy. Busy week. Today is my sister's and niece's birthday. One is older than me something and the other is 9. So Happy Birthday, Sister and SJ! Hope it is a wonderful day.


Vivian M said...

Happy birthdays!
And I am so sorry you are hurt and hope you get well soon!
And by the way, give me my title back, I am WAY more clutzy than you!

The Byrd's Nest said... have been very busy my friend. Sorry about you falling.....I fall all the time so I can relate;)