Sunday, July 05, 2009

Interesting Fourth, No Pictures

It was an interesting fourth, and I won't go into it here other than to say a misunderstanding got totally out of control beyond reason. G swam for 3 hours which was good. She did very VERY well. Swim lessons really paid off in a big way. I stayed in the pool with her anyway but really I wasn't needed. She jumped off the diving board with the noodle in hand and swam to the side fine. She followed one of the big girls around wanting to do what ever she did. She made a friend in the home owner's adult son who was digging up worms for G and her friend to feed to the fish in the pond.

We were home by 9:30. G was so tired she was crying in bed softly for no reason that she would share. I really think it was exhaustion. She had fallen asleep in the car and was startled awake when I turned off the key. I think she never really woke up and so was a bit emotional. I was emotional for another reason related to the post title.

A storm came through with lots of noise but no rain. My dog was freaked out for at least 20 mins before I heard it. This all took place around 3am. I didn't go to sleep much earlier due to G having bad dreams that I had to get up to check on her three times. Then the whole Quizhou thing going on in China had me processing adoption and rights in the triad.

And no I haven't figured it out. Of course this isn't much of a shock really because at least one returning homeland tour, one child found out she was taken by the family planning official who told her about taking her and took her to her family. That story came out a year ago or so. This has been happening but for it to make the news in China and for it to be acknowledged on paperwork is a pretty scandalous thing.

So between my own thoughts, G's dreams and Clementine's fear of thunderstorms I didn't sleep much at all. Today I took a 4 hour nap on my parent's couch after lunch while they swam with G and played gofish. I am very tired now, still processing everything from the weekend, not sure where to go from this point and I started a new book.

If you are reading this post and totally confused about Quizhou, it has been brought to the world's attention that family planning officials in that region of China were known to go into rural family dwellings and take the baby/ies that were considered over the allowable if the family couldn't pay the fine/s. Those babies went directly into the American and European international adoption process.

Nothing in the laws or one child policy of China said babies would be taken if they were over the allowable number, though it is to be assumed that family planning officials did it in more than this one province. How often they did I would not venture a guess, but all the babies are abandoned under some compulsion (family, financial, or family planning pressures) and now it may be that they weren't abandoned at all just taken. It sort of makes the whole "safe China adoption" thing not look so safe anymore. I just have to keep remembering Romans 8:28-29 that even in this bad God will redeem it and make it work for G's good.


AZMom said...

That story bugged me too. You are not alone.

I hope whatever happened on the 4th gets better soon. You are in my thoughts hon.

Vivian M said...

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. And lots of hugs!