Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It Has Been a While...

Since I posted pics of my girl.
Her cousin made these tie dye tees but they shrunk to G size, so by default G got them. One day it was very very humid so what better to do than catch bubbles?

And look who is back? Bunny that is who. This bunny really did travel with G from China. It has been put up for fear that something or Clementine might tear it up. I didn't want the only true tangible connection to be lost. G has asked to see it every once and a while but recently she wanted it back to carry and hold. I can't refuse because it is hers. I also let her know that we would put it back up when she was through carrying it around.
She has recently been interested in watching the DVDs I had made from the China trip. Then she got all weepy about wanting to be a baby again. I may have mentioned this already, I don't usually go back and read what I write so I can't remember. Anyway, she carried the DVDs around the house for a bit and wanted to sleep with them even. I won't let her carry those out of the house.
So today we hit the museum to see the "live" dinosaur display. A bit of a let down if I do say so myself. After our temp membership expires I won't be taking G back to that museum for a while. It isn't worth having a membership really.
Our library is holding a tea party tomorrow afternoon. Friday I think we will go swimming as well as Saturday with a friend of ours. G wants to go see her pre-school teacher tomorrow afternoon, and she is agreeable to a visit tomorrow afternoon. G is very excited, to say the least!
One month from Saturday G starts kindergarten! Makes me sad and glad all at once. I maybe going back to school myself but I will know more when I have investigated the grants and loans available. Haven't a clue what degree to pursue this time, maybe nutrition. That really can't be outsourced can it? With an aging population, it will come in handy for stability and security. Maybe I can work all the classes in while G is in school. Won't that be fun?


AZMom said...

She sure has grown up!

My kids start school 3 weeks from today. I will have a 4th grader and a 2nd grader! Time goes by FAST when they are in school...enjoy every minute!

laurel said...

G is so grown up!!!! Wow. Love her hair. The red, white and blue blog is great!!

Vivian M said...

I think going back to school is a wonderful thing! I am thinking you can use your current degree and expand to help the aging population in other ways too.
Love Miss G's tee shirt, very colorful! And welcome back bunny!