Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh Dear Anon

I chose not to publish your comment. If you wish to criticize you need to identify yourself and not hide behind the anon title.

Just to clarify, I didn't spank G because I was stressed. I gave G the choice to let me do my bathroom business in peace with privacy that should be afforded to all people(I really shouldn't have to explain that) or get a spanking. Much to my chagrin she chose the spanking in word and deed.

The therapist preaches follow through on promises/discipline, and she does know that I have spanked in the past. I would agree that on some children it doesn't work. I agree that on G it doesn't work. I didn't expect her to tell me she wanted a spanking and continue on disobeying. So when I was done I was hoping she would apologize, and I wouldn't have to but she got one swat on her bluejeaned behind. It affected her not at all. I also believe I acknowledged the mistake in giving her the choice in my post. I just couldn't think of something else to offer that would be as bad that would also get her to give me privacy and peace.

Unlike you, Anon, my poo does stink, and I would rather not hear about it from the lips of a 5 year old (sorry for the TMI).

And about a "real life" and "real friends," we have those. Friends and a life aren't what introverted people lack. What introverted people need at times is just a bit of quiet to re-charge. It also doesn't need to be much time. The fact is I was getting no quiet time after a loud and long day.

When she finally was in her room quiet I had about 45 mins which made all the difference. I even got her up out of bed after I was recharged, and we had dinner. Sadly, she had to go back to bed at 7pm though from the other choice I gave her of being quiet or going to bed at 7pm. She needs to learn that her actions/choices have consequences just as I learned and still have reinforced to me at times.

I don't need your criticism, Anon, I do a good job of that myself. I don't even want your support, Anon. I guess I will have to just block all anon comments from now on. Sad when a few ugly comments under the anon guise of bravado ruins the comments for every potential anon commenter.

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