Monday, August 31, 2009

Incredibly Sad News

Unbelievable, goes to show that what is on a blog is not necessarily what is really happening in the home. This single mom went through so much to get China to allow her to adopt Lavender. She had a blog and all of the postings were very happy. Lavender had even had at least one surgery for her cleft lip/palette. She was a very pretty child before and after the surgery. Everything seemed or was portrayed as sunshine and roses.

The mom happens to be African American and China didn't want to approve the adoption supposedly on that reason, according to the mom. She posted requests for help on several different yahoo groups to write on her behalf to allow the adoption to go on. She claimed it was the orphanage director who was putting a stop to it based only on her race. Maybe the real reason they initially refused was due to something they saw in the home study. Maybe Lavender would still be alive and possibly with a new family now had they stuck to their reasons for this case alone. We will never know what the real reason for the initial lack of approval for adoption.

It makes me so sad for the child. The stresses bringing a new child home whether by birth or adoption are great and can strain an already straining family situation. Sometimes families are not truly prepared or as prepared as they thought they were for the challenges. I hope the allegations against her are not true but either way, the child is gone. I wonder where the social worker was on this case? How were other child service investigations ignored for the home study?

By the way, I had lost contact with her and her blog in 2007. I had commented on it though and e-mailed her privately during the surgery for Lavender. Poor Lavender wasn't home even a full year before her death. Link to the story is in the title.

"August 6, 2009
Former Elk Grove resident charged in 3-year-old's death
From Cynthia Hubert
"Police have arrested a former Elk Grove resident and charged her with murder in the death last year of her 3-year-old adoptive daughter.
"Sabrina Banks, 42, called 911 on May 2, 2008 and reported that her daughter Lavender was 'unresponsive,' said Officer Christopher Trim of the Elk Grove Police Department.
"Medical personnel were unable to revive the girl, and pronounced her dead at the scene.

"Lavender had visible injuries that 'were not consistent with an accidental death,' said Trim.
An autopsy report lists the probable cause of death as 'asphyxiation by smothering' and 'multiple blunt force injuries,' according to the Sacramento County Coroner's Office.
Trim said it took detectives more than a year to gather the evidence necessary that led to charging Banks with murder, assault resulting in the death of a child under 8 years of age and endangering the life or health of a child.
"'It was a very long process of interviewing the mother, her friends, checking her history, working with the coroner's office,' he said. The Sacramento County District Attorney's Office issued an arrest warrant for Banks, and she was located in Visalia on Wednesday and taken into custody, said Trim.
"She will be transported to Sacramento County within the next few days, he said.
"Banks had one other child in her Elk Grove home when Lavender's death occurred, and that youngster has been in protective custody since then, Trim said.
"The family had previous involvement with Child Protective Services in Kern County, Sacramento County CPS Director Laura Coulthard previously told The Bee. She did not provide details.
"Trim said he was unaware of any further CPS involvement with Banks."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Day in the Pool and Answers to Questions

The reason G can't take peanut butter sandwiches to school is because all of the tables in the cafeteria have been declared "peanut free" which means someone somewhere is highly allergic to peanut which includes every and all known peanut products. That is why I am looking for an alternative. I friend of mine is looking for me today while she shops at Whole Foods.

Today we swam for almost 4 hours straight. G is so good that while "hanging out in the deep" I don't have to worry if I swim to the side to drink my coffee while she is still in the deep end because I know she can swim to me, and usually does. But after almost 4 hours this is what she did. She said she was "done in the pool" and decided to warm up under the towel.

Then we came to grammie's to eat lunch and play a bit. She also helped grammie and grandad re-plant some of the spring flower bulbs that came out of the ground.

G was featured in our local FCC newsletter. She and one other little girl answered the questions and that is the only reason why she was featured. Here are G's answers as she gave them to me when I asked her. G 's answers are in bold.

"- What's your favorite Asian book or movie and why? The Magic Gourd
- If you could star in a movie, who would you be? Rapunzel (current fav. Barbie's Rapunzel)
- What wish would you like to have granted? to paint and build houses
- If you could be one age for your whole life, what age would you pick
and why? 100, 'cause I want to be 100
- Who are your heroes? Jesus
- What's your favorite thing about Chinese culture? Writing in Chinese
(she is learning to write characters by copying)
- What part of Chinese culture do you wish you knew more about?
Talking Chinese
- What makes you feel special? me and mom
- What is something about the world that you'd like to change? Make a world beside this world and put only people we know on it so we can drive.
- If you could give one thing to all the children of the world, what would it be? a giant present-100 toys for them"

And no I didn't make her explain the answers to me because I wanted her honest from the heart answers so some of them are a bit confusing to me too ;}.

Friday, August 28, 2009

No Tears

We had (as far as I can remember) no tears last night before bed nor this morning getting ready for school. But it is Friday. Maybe we both felt the lack of pressure? G did wake up at 5:24am though. She spent about 20mins in the bathroom then crawled back in bed at 5:40am (yes I am a clock watcher). All this after waking up somewhere around midnight (can't remember the time, though I did look) to come get in my bed. She also locked the cat up in her room because she didn't look for him before shutting the door. I heard him at 5:40am this morning, roughly 5 hours.

Thank goodness it is Friday. If it doesn't rain tomorrow we will go to the pool and swim for several hours. I have lots to do today and need to go have lunch with G to figure out how to keep her from sitting by the little girl named N. This child has no concept of personal space and begs food from G. It drives G crazy and me!

No sharing of food either way ever are my instructions to G. Long gone are the days to share nicely because you have no idea if someone could be allergic to something or if some mother says "no" to particular foods or whatnot. Plus N is on free lunch so really she shouldn't be begging food from G. And she isn't the only one begging chips or whatnot. She is just the main one.

Plus one year at this same school a little kindergartner brought his mother's psychotropic meds (for paranoid schizophrenia) to school and shared them with his friends. Lots of kids ended up in the hospital, while he and his siblings were removed from the home, placed in an unhealthy foster home, and placed under case management. It was bad. I have lectured, cajoled, explained, and begged G to not take things from nor offer things to other kids, ever.

Also found out I can no longer send peanut butter sandwiches for her lunch, drat! It is one of the more nutritious quick lunches I can send, so does anyone know a healthy-ish sub for peanut butter? Trust me I am not a health nut though I probably should be, but as G isn't really a meat eater, peanut butter was our standby.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Remains of the Day

This is how G looked today when I picked her up. I had her hair pulled back in a nice pony in the back of her head.
She had "pvs" today. That would be P.E. in G'English. She wore her brand new tennis shoes but the "bunny ears" bothered her. She has been wearing flip flops for almost 6 months; no wonder the "bunny ears" bothered her. Those would be tied shoestrings in G'English as well.
But see that smile? Yes, she only doesn't like getting up or going to bed about kindergarten. The rest is fun!
But the "Best News!!!!" according to G is that she learned today how to get in the swings by herself. See after years of swinging, the ground under the swings is now lower than the ground around the swings so that made the swings literally too high for her to touch the ground. So now she learned how to jump in them hanging on to the side of the swing and swing herself. YEA!!
This afternoon to get some of that energy out of her that kindergarten is NOT taking out of her, I got the jumper out, called two friends who both came YEA! and those girls got crazy. G jumped roughly 2 hours. I think she is asleep now. I hope she stays asleep in her own bed all night. I am tired of the midnight wake ups!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

G Conversations

Last night while helping G with her bath, she said, "Mama, do you know (boy'sname)?"

I said, "Um, no I don't think so. Boy'sname is in your class?"

She said, "Yes."

I said, "Why do you ask?"

She said, "He likes me. He telled me 'Do you want to be my guhrlfwiend?'"

Trying to hold back the panic I felt rising, I said, "Well, did you tell him your mama said you are too young?"

She said, "Yes. Well, I telled him 'no' fuhrst and he said, 'why not?' and I said, 'because I am too young and widdle."

I said, "That is right you are too young and little."

She said, "I can only do that when I grow up, right?"

Wow, kindergarten, unbelievable. I didn't think this started until 4th grade. I guess I better start the talk about what to look for in a boyfriend now, just short conversations for now but a foundation is def. needed.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

K Updates- Beginning of Week Two

Well, this week started of with a whinebang. G was sound asleep when I got her out of bed Monday. I put her in her chair then used my afterbite to stop some mosquito bites from itching on her feet. Did I mention my afterbite burns? Basically it is just ammonia but it works and quick. So lets just say I woke her up but good. Well, after that start to the morning who wouldn't need a fish tattoo on their forearm for school?

She threatened to get her name on the board by being bad. I told her that was fine but she would lose a privilege at home if she did it. Then she threatened not to put her shoes on, I told her fine but she would go barefoot. Did I mention she doesn't really like going to school? The being there is fine just the getting there from her nice comfy bed.

Then she forgot and left her lunch box at school, ugh. She took lunch today in a wallyworld sack. She also had her teacher buy her milk instead of drinking the water left over from yesterday that would have been fresh had she not forgotten it. It was still good just a day old. Now I owe the teacher $.35. So I am sending some money for her lunch room account in case this happens again.

Then this morning, she cried and said she was grumpy because I wouldn't carry her from the bedroom to the kitchen. Me thinks she would've found something else to cry about. Apparently she is not a chipper morning person. I wish she would learn to drink coffee soon so I can get her in a better mood sooner, heh. Just kidding, people person.

Tonight we went to my parents for dinner and to let G get some of her energy out 'cuz kindergarten alone is not cutting it. She is still a fighter of sleep unless she is worn out like today. She rode bikes with grandad, I swung her "higher higher," we found a new caterpillar/worm thing-y, and she watched several of her favorite noggin shows. She didn't eat much for dinner though, french fries and two cups of grapes. At home we played chutes and ladder, had bath, read 3 books and I did the dishes.

G told me about of the stories she heard and liked at school, the ant and the grasshopper and was even able to mimic the teacher when the grasshopper was freezing and begging for food. That is pretty good. She lets bits and pieces out about her day over the course of the evening. She tried to trick me into believing she got her name with a check on the board (would be timeout) for talking and running. Two things gave it away: 1) she held her blankie in front of her face to keep from smiling and 2) she isn't a talker. Plus she doesn't run in the hall under normal circumstances. She is a pretty good rule follower.

So that is the update for the first part of the week. She has officially completed 5 full days of kindergarten.

Everyday Greatness by Stephen R. Covey and David K. Hatch

In our world today, we are lacking heros. We are lacking men and women of upstanding courage, strength of character, conviction and selflessness. We need to show our children that greatness is not a one time act but a life lived daily in greatness. Stephen R. Covey and David K. Hatch have given us stories of people who did live lives of greatness.
This book will but faith back in everyday man. Each chapter is broken down by a positive character trait with three stories of different people who represent that trait. Then there is a wrap up section, reflection section and a further insights section with quotes from famous people.
There are wonderful examples of courage like Luba Gercak who took care of children left to die in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1944. Examples of perseverance like George Frederick Handel in 1741 who is best known for Messiah. Incredible stories of overcoming disability like Kyle Maynard born sometime in the 1980s and began college in 2004.
This book is a must have for parents to read with their children, to give them heros so needed in our world.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Day in the Life of G

I recorded G's version of what her day was like yesterday. I had the camera on but not recording so I repeated using her pronunciation of words for the two things I missed the "pledgallegiance" and "losed" with reference to a game. I am not quite ready for her to talk like a big girl so I don't correct always her words. Sometimes the wrong word make the conversation cute, IMHO anyway. I did go help in the cafeteria yesterday and will again today after I drop off a resume at a trucking place for an admin position.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let's Not Ever Let This Happen

A vlog by G about birthdays and sickness.

G Conversations

Here are some concerns G has had and voiced several times before kindergarten started:

"What if I get an 'F' writed on my papurh?" I explained grading doesn't start for a year or so.

"What if my fwiends are mean to me?" I told her as long as she was nice they would be but if not we would write their name down and pray for them.

"What if I am mean to my fwiends?" ?!?!?!? She asked this once in front of grandaddy who said she would get a spanking, heh. Never mind that he would never spank her or that she would be mean to her 'fwiends.'

"What if today is not a good day?" speaking of the first day of school. I said, "Well, there will always be tomorrow." To which she replied, "Well, what if tomahwow isn't good eithuhr?"

"How can I be Chinese and not speak Chinese?" She asked this in front of the milk case at the grocery store after we had been at the zoo all day. She had seen two Chinese families at the zoo who appeared to be visiting from China (or Taiwan maybe), and she had been trying to figure out what they were saying. Not that she understands Chinese but she did repeat what she thought she heard. I asked her why she had to ask that question when I was totally not prepared to answer in a grocery store. I told her she is Chinese because that was where she was born and she is American because that is where she lives now.

First Day Highlights

No name on the board, YEA! Teacher read two books one about a raccoon who was afraid to leave his mom so she kissed the palm of his hand for him to remember her while at school and then another book about fear of kindergarten. One little boy and one little girl got their names on the board, OOPS!

She got in the wrong stall at the bathroom once and the toilet paper was too far away and she had to go "wike dis" (demonstrating the pants around the knees walk). They played outside but they only had slides, swing that she didn't get on because she couldn't touch the ground and monkey bars on which her grammie told her she didn't need to be. She didn't eat all of her lunch but she said she had enough.

Someone said something about her "Toad Suck Daze 2009" tshirt (festival tee) but she couldn't remember who or what they said. I asked if what they said at the time made her feel good or bad, and she said good, so I guess it wasn't something bad.

The sprinkle donut was definitely a celebration donut. But she did say she didn't need to go back today. Oh well, I told her she had at least another 20 years to go, heh.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No Tears by G Nor Me

But as you can see there were no smiles either. G picked her outfit last night based on comfort level, meaning she is just more comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts (who am I to argue). School is stressful enough so I am all about the comfort.
The first pic is us leaving the house. She has apple, banana, grapes, graham crackers and water for lunch, all her choice. The second pic is of her handing the papers she signed last night about rules, discipline, computer usage, school nurse records etc to the teacher. The third is the pic I took before I left.
I may have already caused a stir because the blue playdoh was actually at another kids spot but that kid wasn't there. In an effort to keep tears back I switched. Well, when I left the building I ran into the other kid's mom who said they had been in the room already so he will know his playdoh was switched. OOPS! I hope by the time he gets there the playdoh is put up or more blue comes out.

And I don't know who that kid at her table is though I did hear her mom tell her about the extra clothes in her back in case of accidents, poor little girl. One boy was already in tears when I left. For me, it wasn't quite as bad as I thought because being goal oriented, my goal was to get her to school on time and without tears that I didn't have time to be emotional. This afternoon, I will take her for a doughnut and milk to celebrate her good day or console her bad day. I am sure she will have a good day and if not, there is always tomorrow.

Monday, August 17, 2009

How Do You Relax After a Day of Shoe Shopping?

Around here we watch the sound of Music in the floor while drinking vanilla milk.
G and I went shopping for new school tennis shoes. Scored some blue girl tennies on sale at the tarjay. Also had to get the antibacterial wipes because I forgot those. Tomorrow is the orientation that I must attend sans G. Good thing she knows her teacher.
We also had to stop by the rental to check on something. We def discovered some interesting things at the rental. For one we discovered a puppy. Of course, the rental specifies a pet deposit, hmmmmm. The second thing is they have a pet snake. Granted the house is spotless and the pup is very little, and the snake is in an aquarium but yuck, snake! Yes, the pet deposit is a non-refundable $200 one.
And the third thing is the renters weren't there which was fine, they knew we were coming; they left a candle burning. I blew it out. Of course had I gone in through the front door I would not have noticed the candle or the snake. I couldn't find my key for the front outside door. I have access though for sure through the back door which is where the three violations were.
So I will be writing a letter for the $200 pet deposit. They have paid a couple of times more than they should have on rent like by $5 so I will include what they did pay and ask for the diff. I think that is fair. I mean I called this a.m. before I came over and told them I would be there so it isn't like I didn't give fair warning to get the dog out. It is a cute little black and white dog, may even be a dog sitting situation. I can't say as I blame them for having one, and it doesn't look like it is as destructive as mine so I am def not mad, but I will ask for the deposit now. Even if it is a dog sitting situation, the snake is installed there. There is no animal listed in the lease agreement. I don't remember them mentioning anything but a cat but that didn't come with them. I may just let it slide. I will have to think on it.
And um, snake? YUCK!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obamacare-Hillarycare Leftovers

Now is NOT the time to quit telling the WH to get out of the health care business. Apparently Obama is ready to give up the public health care option due to the growing public concern and criticism. The thing is, he can give up the public option, but he can also have the public option ideas forced into the private sector if we are not vigilant.

Back when Hillary Bill was president his wife tried to bring in socialized medicine, remember? It seemed to me then as well as now that the people who want the socialized medicine would be the very ones not able to access it. They would be the very ones denied service by the death panel or rather the government body set up to review medical cases.

At the time of Hillarycare, I rented a duplex from a friend and co-worker who happened to be morbidly obese and in her early 40s. I remember the debate on euthanasia and rationing then. This friend was totally for it all. Of course what she didn't realize or wish to admit is that she would be the very one not allowed care due to her age and size. She would be one targeted for end of life conversations initiated by the doctors who are then paid for the service. This is not new stuff Obama is trying to force down our throats, and it is just as scary.

Part of the revamping of the whole healthcare business that would actually help would be to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, which they can't do now due to government control. Competition is what brings prices down, not regulation or government intervention.

When doctors are able to charge not based on medicare tables or contracts and people are allowed to compare-shop their doctors, the fees will go down. It happened in the whole laser eye surgery, the surgery got better and the prices dropped. When insurance is not paying for people's health care and start paying for what we need, ie., medical services, then the cost of the services will go down.

Remember that in the US a man diagnosed with prostate cancer has an 87% chance of survival whereas in Great Britain the same man would only have a 43% chance. Cancer requires medical services not health care. Look at the survival rate of all of the cancers, the US has the highest survival rate there is. Lets talk about what we really need and really want-medical care, medical services not health care.

Just look at the history of when health care came to be. When HMOs came about to offer health care the cost of the services went up and insurance prices went up. But the individual paid just a little which gave a false understanding of the true cost of care. See when a person pays a $10 co-pay the rest is billed to the insurance company. So the insurance company raises premiums due to more usage. They also contract for doctors to accept less. The whole medicare standard fell into place with regard to fees. Then it all gets complicated with gate keepers and what not.

Medicare rations right now by the way. My mom can't have a full female exam except every 3 years if medicare pays for it. That is rationing. If we went back to major medical only for a while I think insurance premiums would drop and more people would be willingly covered. Remember the government controls private health insurance companies already.

And another thing, malpractice attorneys like John Edwards who made his millions suing doctors (why are his clients not rich?). That caused the medical services to go up. Doctors have to spend lots of money on insurance to defend themselves against attorneys like Edwards. Yes there are doctors who make mistakes and should have to pay but then there are real frivolous cases out there too. A litigious society is not a good society for future growth except in the attorney's pocketbook.

Okay I am off this soap box for the evening.

Her First Fish

G and her grandad went fishing again today. This time G caught a little 2 1/2 pounder of something. G told her grandparents that since she caught it; they would have to eat it. Proud of herself would be an understatement. She was very very proud. Yes she is standing in her blue sock feet because her tennis shoes got really muddy. I don't know why the date on that camera says 2007 other than it is my mom's camera and well, 'nuff said.

Updated: After hitting publish and while leaving my parents I was told that my dad didn't think the fish was quite 2 1/2 pounds. I had been told that earlier by my mom that she thought it was. I never saw the thing alive and I couldn't tell either. To G though it was a whale of a fish, heh.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Well, The Question I Have Been Dreading Finally Was Asked

Today, while swimming, G asks the question that strikes fear in the hearts of all parents everywhere. She asked...

Are you ready for it?

She asked....

"Mama, why is the sky blue?"

I would have preferred a question on adoption, families, how a car works, anything but why is the sky blue. hee hee

Friday, August 14, 2009

Okay, So That Was a Bust

I interviewed for the actual company today. Didn't finish the interview. They discussed the hours 8-5, Sunday to Thursday. That doesn't work. I have Sunday obligations and G will be in school Mon- Fri. That would leave us Saturday to see each other and spend time together. Sunday she would have to go to church with her grandparents not at our church or go to our church alone (not gonna happen). And the pay was really too low for the drive and hours away from home.

Oh well, would have been nice dress code wise. Folks were in t-shirts and blue jeans. One guys had tattoos all down both arms. Any other company I have worked would have required the shirt sleeves to cover that in corporate offices anyway. Oh well. The thing is the temp agency said they didn't know the days until today. I had sent resumes to the temp agency on other jobs before but this job was the one they called me on (finally) so now that I am in their system with high scores they may be able to find something.

I called about the credit manager position near here but I think I annoyed them by calling. If the manager is interested in me after reviewing the resumes I will here from him. So basically that shuts me down. My resume doesn't show any credit management experience though I believe I can do it. I understand the basics of the job. I understand the customer service part of it. I know I can do it and it is close to home, no extra driving.

If the economy didn't suck worse around here I would have that CM position. In a bad economy, experience is more important than general ability. I understand that. I would like to talk to them though about it. I would offer to come in as a specialist with reduced pay to do the same job for 6 months until I have proven myself then be promoted into it. I have to find a job within 10 weeks to not miss a pay check.

Planned Parenthood Is Spreading Obama's Lies

Link to the Americans United for Life site is in the title of this post. This is copied from an e-mail I received from AUL. You may also reach the sight from the side bar on the Fight FOCA button.

"Yesterday a media-relations executive from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, giving a talk here in Washington on Planned Parenthood’s health care reform strategy, made a comment that revealed the impact we’ve been making in thwarting the abortion industry’s agenda. She lamented that because the “anti-choice” movement -- meaning pro-lifers like you and me -- had attracted so much attention to her organization’s efforts to mandate abortion funding in health care reform, Planned Parenthood was being forced onto the defensive.

"Bad news for abortion advocates is great news for champions of life! But Planned Parenthood has an extremely well-financed public-relations department. Planned Parenthood -- enabled by the more than 350 million of your tax dollars each year -- and its president, Cecile Richards, don’t stay on the defensive for long.

"Perfect example: Planned Parenthood’s spin machine has issued a “Reality Check,” attacking what Richards says are “myths” spread by pro-lifers -- and twisting the truth so much it made my head feel like it was in a spin machine. I showed it to our legal team, and they responded with some masterful mythbusting of their own. Here’s their take on the abortion industry’s three biggest myths about health care reform:

"MYTH: Pro-life groups want to strip reproductive health from health care reform.
"Reality: Pro-life groups want to protect women’s reproductive health. And we do not want to deny women insurance coverage. However AUL, along with the vast majority of Americans, believes that “Real health care respects life!” No matter what Planned Parenthood says, abortion does not equal reproductive health. And health coverage should not include the destruction of unborn children. Furthermore, no one should be forced to violate their conscience by performing, referring for, paying for, or providing coverage for abortion. And make no mistake, that’s what the bills under consideration would do.

"MYTH: The health care reform bills before Congress will not change the “status quo” regarding insurance coverage of abortion.
"Reality: An amendment added to H.R. 3200 permits the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to include abortion in the public health insurance plan, and requires abortion coverage if the Hyde amendment is ever reversed. The current Secretary of HHS, Kathleen Sebelius, is staunchly pro-abortion and would certainly include abortion, allowing for immediate federal funding of elective abortion coverage. The provision also requires that all areas of the country contain one private plan that covers abortion and permits taxpayer funding of private plans that cover elective abortion.

"The Senate HELP bill delegates to a “Medical Advisory Committee” the role of deciding what benefits any private or public health care plan must offer. This Committee is expected to include abortion as a required minimum benefit. Further, based on court precedent, private plans would be forced by the government to include coverage of abortion -- this is a drastic change from the status quo in which private plans may elect to cover abortion and individuals may choose whether or not to purchase health insurance that offers coverage of abortion. Ironically, “pro-choice” activists are trying to take consumer choice out of health care.

"MYTH: The health care reform bills before Congress do not mandate abortion coverage.
"Reality: Both H.R. 3200 and the Senate HELP bill mandate abortion in several ways:
an amendment to H.R. 3200 permits and may require abortion coverage in the public health insurance plan, and permits taxpayer funding of private plans that cover elective abortion;
prior court holdings which state that abortion is included within several of Medicaid’s mandatory categories of care (inpatient services, outpatient services, and preventative care) will certainly apply to any federal statute revising Medicaid and involving health care reform, and;
the rejection of several key pro-life amendments in the House and Senate Committees, where the inclusion would have ensured that abortion was not funded in the bills, demonstrates that the bills are intended to mandate abortion.

"If you’re trying to sort out the myths from facts on health care reform, the best place to start is AUL Action’s The site features in-depth analysis from our legal team, showing how the health care reform plans currently under consideration by Congress would mandate abortion coverage, strip providers of their rights of conscience, and threaten the ill and elderly with denial of care."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Response to the WH E-Mails

"I think Obama is a liar as are all individuals who work for him in the White House. Most of the WH or Dem senators/reps haven't even read the health care bills submitted for votes. I don't want to live in a socialist state that holds abortion as a right and wishes to withhold medical care from the disabled or elderly.

I didn't vote for him in 2008 and won't vote for him in 2012. I am praying urgently that he will be a lame duck in 2010 and out in 2012.


In response to this e-mail from David Axelrod:
"Dear Friend,
Anyone that's watched the news in the past few days knows that health insurance reform is a hot topic — and that rumors and scare tactics have only increased as more people engage with the issue. Given a lot of the outrageous claims floating around, it’s time to make sure everyone knows the facts about the security and stability you get with health insurance reform.Blah, blah blah blah blah....."

My mother is afraid that since I sometimes use her computer she will be put on "the list." Except that the e-mail is from me and signed by me and I don't think I sent it from her computer anyway. Go ahead and report me to the WH! I want on that list!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

G and her new is old again toy. Oh and the dog is Clementine. My sweet cat Abigail needing attention.This is Simon, the only male in our immmediate household. G has claimed him as her own.

Today's Ramblings

Today's interview went well enough. I should have an interview on Friday with the actual company. Today was a temp service. I scored advanced on the excel portion of the test and just passed the payroll section. The tester said she doesn't see many advanced excel scores. Yea! Me! Thank goodness it was 2003 version otherwise I would be up stew creek. I could figure out whatever I didn't know how to do with a bit of time in real life, but each click was recorded on the test so I didn't have time to figure stuff out for the test.

One thing I do well usually is test. For some reason I have always scored well on tests. That doesn't mean much other than I test well. I had friends in high school who made very good grades but made WAY low test scores on the ACT or SAT. I didn't understand it. But I do now. I personally don't think the standardized tests prove much with regard to capability or intelligence. But to compare apples to apples I guess they are necessary evils.

I wore brand new (clearanced to $6) high heals with no stockings, causing ginormous blisters (now burst) on my feet. The one good thing is they at least match and I didn't break my big toes even though it felt that way. Remember I have been the flipflop queen this summer so this was, well, just plain stupid all for vanity's sake. I should have worn the black ones that were already broken in.

I am so stressed out now I can't sleep, so things are spiraling down hill fast. Oh and this week my hormones start building up for my cycle which won't start for another three weeks. yea, me. Why is my hormonal cycle so messed up? Crazy, I tell you. Federal unemployment is only 13 weeks. I missed this week so I must be at work no later than November something or other or we are in serious trouble. And I have to keep the job contacts list for 3 years for federal (and I imagine state) unemployment. Not like I have enough other shi*ite to keep, this should be a cinch, yeah, right?!?!

Gah! my head is foggy from no sleep. But G and I did get out for a bike ride today (she rode, I walked). The wind was blowing nicely. She is now working on some tear art for a neighbor who had surgery last week. She has been painting with watercolors then drawing another neighbor pictures with markers. She is so funny and I really love her creativity. Of course I don't have the wall space to hang everything she wants to hang. Today, I drew the actual picture to paint and she painted it. We did clothing, just because. She is a good little painter.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

G Conversations

Overheard around the house:

G: "Mama, aren't you glad we aren't noodles?"
Me: "Yes"
G: "Why?"
Me: "Because we would be eaten."
G: "Yes, people would bite us wiff shark teeth."

Anytime G has a hurt like her arm she says, "I have a arm headache."

Last night at 2ish in the am, G wakes up and is scared needing to sleep with me. I had two nights where she slept all night in her own bed. She received the gift of playdoh for those two nights. Then the very next night when no gift is offered she totally doesn't sleep all night. So this morning I took back the playdoh. She can earn it back in two days by sleeping all night in her own bed.

Lastly, I have an interview tomorrow at 9am. I got the days confused thinking my parents would be back, I scheduled it for in the morning. Then calling my parents to see if they were on the plane I realized I was a day ahead and they, understandably, won't be here. So they called their church where G's daycare is and came to an agreement that G could go to her class tomorrow while I am at the interview. I was going to call the church but they did it for me. I am thankful that they did. I was completing something on line for tomorrow so I they worked it out for me before I could make the call.

The job is through a temp agency. It probably won't pan out but if I can get in the temp agency then something might come up. This particular position is about 45 mins away from home (think gas), paying 12 to 14 an hour then up to 34K a year. Really that won't pay the gas and the temp gal said as much. I told her I was willing to talk about it anyway. So I have to take a ten key test and an excel test. I never took ten key in school but I am very good on excel or used to be anyway.

Monday, August 10, 2009

G Conversations

It is a bit hard to see but G made a "4" on her etch a sketch.

Now to the conversations:
1)This morning, while eating breakfast, G "Mama, sometimes I don't know how to think you are my mama because we wook so diffwent."

Me: "Well, that is something we can talk about, isn't it?(Of coures I am thinking 'but not just after I wake up') I am your mama even though we look different. And you have a mama in China that looks just like you."

G: "Yes, well, she isn't wike me she wikes dra-esses."

Me: "No, that is your foster mommy in that picture with you. I don't know what your China mommy likes."

2)Last night, talking about slice and bake chocolate chip cookies, G: "Mama, we can work on my book while the cookies are in dayer(oven) and then we can enjoy dem on the couch."

Who talks like that really, "enjoy them?"heh

3)Today whild playing "guess what animal" G: "I am huge and huger with a wong tay-el. What am I?"

Me: ???? "Ummm, give me another clue."

G woke up too early this morning and is tired. She is making some really bad choices. Now she has been sent to her room because because of a bad attitude choice she made over my not letting her play with my flashlight. She has two flashlights of her very own but she wanted mine. We will see if she falls asleep. She needs a nap but a nap will make bedtime really late. One step forward, 100 back.

She didn't fall asleep, and now she is enjoying some water and seaweed snack. And yes it is taking a long time to finish this post. Slow computer, foggy brain, heh.

Trying to Remember that God Is Still in Control, Now With Pictures!

Yes, I know He is. I just need to remind myself right now. So last Monday when filing for the unemployment I received an electronic message that I used up the state's unemployment funds. So I head to the UE office and was told by the receptionist that I couldn't file for the federal extension until this week. Instead of arguing with her which apparently I should have done, I like the rule follower I am, go back today. This time though I have to bring G with me because, well, no babysitter. So we are there over 2 hours only to find out that because I didn't stay last week (as I was told I couldn't) I won't be receiving anything this week. I will file on Sunday for payment next week. In other words, I will have a week break in unemployment. On the upside, that one week will be tagged on the end obviously but the down side is I have no money this week. Can you say Fuster Cluck?

In other news, all last week G has been going to sleep in her own bed only to wake up around 2ish, go potty and then cry herself into my bed. So Saturday I picked up a cheap treat (Target clearance playdoh) and told her she could have them if she stayed all night in her bed for two days. Today she earned the playdoh. So I told her she must stay in her bed from now on all night or I take away the playdoh.

Last week was terrible for sleeping. We were going to start practicing getting up for kindergarten. Um, yeah, well, we failed. So Monday night G was in bed at a good time. I got to bed early and then couldn't sleep. At midnight finally I dozed off only to be awakened at 2:52am by G. So Tuesday night I decided that I would take two generic tylenol pms which I did. So I fell asleep at a decent hour only to be awakened at 2:30ish by G then at 2:50something by a storm and my spastic dog. I was a zombie on Wed.

So Wed. night I didn't take anything, but, like clock work, G awakened around 2ish staying awake until after 3ish ending up in my bed. Thursday night was a repeat of Tuesday with the power going off and then back on freaking my dog out totally and keeping me awake for over an hour and G ending up in my bed.
I have been so tired and now the dealio with the whole unemployment crap. I was able to take a nap yesterday but not straight through due to some little girl wanting to know if "this is a blue crown?" (blue crayon?), or "Mama, wubzy is on."

I still don't know what I am going to do about school. I am still looking for a job. The kindergarten orientation is Aug 18 at 5pm with G starting school on the 19th. We have a lunch box, thermos (for rice, soup, or mac n cheese), water bottle, back pack and requested school supplies. On Sunday our church does a blessing of the backpacks which we will attend.

I forgot to mention our Saturday. Several weeks ago we were given information on a back to school supply giveaway at a church in the big city. The time was given as 11am to 4pm. So we go around 2pmish. The church gave full backpacks to the kids in attendance. There was a carnival going on as well as a talent show. G rode some rides, it was hot, we walked around, and finally at 3:30 I found someone to ask about the giveaway. They wouldn't give anything away until the carnival was over at 4pm. They had food booths but everything was for sale. I didn't know there would be food for sale or water or anything so I didn't bring money. G was thirsty, hot and sweaty, as was I. We couldn't stay out in the heat longer. Plus the church allowed a family reunion to be held in their life center so the parking was a nightmare. Needless to say, we couldn't stay for the giveaway. We went to Target. Her backpack is blue and black, no characters (by her own choosing).

I thought the giveaway would be a drop in type thing, maybe with tables and you just picked what you needed to fill up a backpack then left. Making people stay all day in the heat was a piss poor choice. But on the other hand I can see how my way would lead to people double and triple dipping which isn't fair. But 11 to 4 was a long time for anyone to stay. I was so glad we didn't get there at 11. We swam that morning with our friend S.

Yes the carnival equipment was rickety and scary but G enjoyed it. Don't let the non-smiling look fool you, she had a great time on the rides.

Friday, August 07, 2009


"We have been informed that we must leave our daughter behind in China. The CDC has decided that she is too much of a risk, even though she has been on medication for two months, as a small child cannot produce a cough strong enough to transmit the germ, and has clear evidence in progressive chest xrays that the TB responds greatly to normal TB medication. She could be sent home masked and then quarrantined, but we wouldn't want to upset other airline passengers. EDITED -- some people are confused about this. I was being sarcastic. I meant to say, of course we would mask her, but they won't let us pursue that option, presumably because it would upset other passengers.A natural born child of an American citizen would not have to endure this. Dr. Tom Frieden is the head of the CDC and bears responsibility as the man who keeps adopted children away from their mommies and daddies."

The head of the CDC is a crazy person. If this child was a bio child she would not be left but because she must go through immigration and she is adopted then the CDC has no problem leaving her in China separated from her parents back in the hands of the staff from where she caught the TB (the orphanage). You can read the plight of this family by clicking the link in the post title.

Bullying Tactics from the Nation's Capitol

Before reading the post below from check this out from FRC Action.

"Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today condemned the brutal beating of activist Kenneth Gladney in South St. Louis County, MO, at a town hall event sponsored by Congressman Russ Caranhan (D-MO) by SEIU members who Wilson said 'appears to have been sent out purposely to intimidate the crowd and instigate violence.'

"Wilson said that a Special Prosecutor would need to be called 'to investigate the possibility of White House complicity in this union thuggery.' The White House told representatives and senators "punch back twice as hard" against opposition to Barack Obama's government-run health care initiative, and 'clearly some of their followers took the message to heart,' Wilson said.

"According to Kenneth Gladney's attorney, David B. Brown, 'Kenneth was attacked on the evening of August 6, 2009 at Rep. Russ Carnahan's town hall meeting in South St. Louis County. I was at the town hall meeting as well and witnessed the events leading up to the attack of Kenneth. Kenneth was approached by an SEIU representative as Kenneth was handing out 'Don't Tread on Me' flags to other conservatives.'

"The statement continued, 'The SEIU representative demanded to know why a black man was handing out these flags. The SEIU member used a racial slur against Kenneth, then punched him in the face. Kenneth fell to the ground. Another SEIU member yelled racial epithets at Kenneth as he kicked him in the head and back. Kenneth was also brutally attacked by one other male SEIU member and an unidentified woman.'

"According to the statement, 'The three men were clearly SEIU members, as they were wearing T-shirts with the SEIU logo.'

"'This sort of thuggish political violence is what one would expect in Mussolini's Italy by the Black Shirts,' said Wilson, adding that, 'This is pure fascist aggression. The SEIU is sending out goon squads to beat people up who disagree with ObamaCare. Only a Special Prosecutor can determine if it was done with the knowledge of the White House and Congressman Carnahan.'

"After watching the video, Wilson said, 'The part where the attackers claimed they were attacked, when Mr. Gladney is clearly on his back, is straight out of the SEIU-ACORN playbook. They train their thugs well. Only, this time, they were caught.'

"According to Brown's statement, Gladney was being civil when he was attacked: 'Kenneth was beaten badly. One assailant fled on foot; three others were arrested. Kenneth was admitted to St. John's Mercy Medical Center emergency room, where he was treated for his numerous injuries. Kenneth was merely expressing his freedom of speech by handing out the flags. In fact, he merely asked people as they exited the town hall meeting whether they would like a flag.'

"Brown insisted that Gladney 'in no way provoked any argument or altercation, as evidenced by the fact that three assailants were arrested.'

"'This is a sad chapter in American history,' Wilson declared, 'when a man is cruelly assaulted by political hooligans merely for expressing his beliefs and exercising his First Amendment rights to speak freely and peaceably assemble.'

"Wilson said there was a causal relationship between the White House's call to "punch back" against opposition to Barack Obama's government-run health care initiative and the incident.

"'The White House sent out millions of emails, as did the DNC, and the SEIU, all calling on supporters to attend these meetings. And now we know why.'

"The SEIU, the Service Employees International Union, was formed by Wade Rathke, also founder of the group, ACORN, which Barack Obama served as an attorney for. 'These are the same people that helped get Barack Obama elected,' Wilson explained.

"'Barack Obama has long-time financial and material relationship with ACORN and SEIU. SEIU donated $30.8 million to Obama's campaign, organized volunteers, and campaigned on his behalf. ACORN is under investigation for crimes in 15 states, and Barack Obama served as their attorney at one point. He even gave them $800,000 in 2008 for 'get-out-the-vote' efforts. And now they're carrying out his dirty work,' Wilson added.

"According to the Brown's statement, 'This was a truly senseless hate crime carried out by racist union thugs. Regretfully, Representative Carnahan's statements blaming Kenneth for being a disruptive force are wholly untrue and slanderous.'

"Carnahan today stated that 'Sadly, we've seen stories about disrupters around the country, and we have a handful of them here in Missouri.'

"'The only disruption that occurred was of Mr. Gladney's rights to life-and-limb as an American citizen,' Wilson said in response, charging that, 'Carnahan appears to have been complicit in the incident.'

"Wilson also condemned press outlets for failing to report on Mr. Gladney's story. 'Where is the controlled media?' Wilson asked. 'Where is CNN? Where is Olbermann and Matthews? They rave about 'mobs' but turn a blind eye to a man who was beaten by union thugs. They should hang their heads in shame, or else apply for network anchor positions in Venezuela.'

"Wilson said a Special Prosecutor to investigate the White House, SEIU, and Carnahan was necessary because 'The American people have no faith in Eric Holder's Justice Department, which just let two goons off-the-hook who were intimidating voters in 2008 at a Philadelphia polling station with Billy clubs.'

"'If anyone thinks there was no relationship between Obama's call to "punch back" and this brutality in the streets of St. Louis, we have some nice real estate that runs over the East River in New York we'd think they'd be interested in purchasing,' Wilson concluded.

"Media outlets need to be alerted as to what is taking place here! This fascist political violence, and we need to get this story out as far and wide as possible. Here is a link to the story on ALG's website. Please send it to your local news editors, neighbors, and everybody who needs to know. Somebody needs to speak for Mr. Gladney. He needs our help.

"In today's Liberty Action Report, 31.85 million of the 47 million uninsured do not actually exist, town halls are closed to the public by invitation only, monetary manipulation will always occur in a fiat system, Victor Morawski reports on Obama's Orwellian Science Czar, and the Overnights shows health care still running strong. Plus, Congressional Quarterly reports on NRN's call-to-action against Obama's

"Please send your letters to me at We publish all points of view, even those who once supported Barack Obama! Today, for example, Jane Hedges writes:
"'I'm not in a mob. I voted for Obama. I am furious with his 'changing' America the way he is.'
Thank you, Jane. Sometimes, change can be quite destructive. Now you know."

Thursday, August 06, 2009

What Is This? The USSR?

"A recent White House blog written by the White House Director of New Media states that 'there is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there' both on the web and floating around in chain emails.
"The blog continues, ''since we can't keep track of all of them here at the White House, we're asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to'
"This is absurd! In a nutshell, the White House is asking Americans to report on their neighbors, family, and friends who disagree with the President's policy choices on health care.
"This new White House reporting program strikes at the heart of the First Amendment and has no place in this important debate about health care.
"Make no mistake, this outrageous attack on free speech is designed to stifle public debate about the health care issue - including growing concerns from Americans opposed to making abortion services mandatory health benefits.
"Americans have the constitutional right to express their opinion and concerns about health care. This wrong move by the Obama Administration is nothing more than a blatant attempt to intimidate those who have legitimate concerns about the health care plan.
"We will not let the White House intimidate us! The ACLJ is defending your free speech rights by calling on President Obama to reject this assault on free speech. Here's what you, personally, can do:
"Stay informed! Listen to Jay Sekulow Live! today for the latest updates on this breaking situation.
"Get your friends, family members and co-workers involved by posting this message and link ( on your Facebook and Twitter pages or by using our website's forward-to-friend tool to alert fellow concerned citizens to this troubling development.
"Be sure check out for additional up-to-the minute information.
"Get involved personally in the health care reform fight! Click here to add your name to our online Petition to Stop the Abortion Mandate if you haven't already.
"Understand the truth behind Obama's proposed health care reform by clicking here to read the memo we've prepared for you on health care reform. As always, thank you for understanding the urgency of this situation - and for taking the appropriate action as a committed member of the ACLJ.
"We'll keep you posted on this troubling action by the Obama White House."

Report this! The Obamacare, which few congressmen have totally read by the way has a lot of dangerous stuff in it that smacks of socialism with rationed care which leads to euthanasia. There is even money in the bill for abortions. We already heard Geithner say there will be a tax on the middle class to pay for it all. If there is misinformation it comes from the White House. People who care about this nation have picked through the house's version (which is the only one written) and found the hidden information to get it out to the people. You can find information for yourself at the Patriot Depot, The Heritage Foundation, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, anywhere but the main street media who wish to silence the Obama detractors, or silence the ones who love America and don't wish to see it fundamentally changed into a socialist country.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Today's Adventures

We had therapy today so landed in the big city. After a nutritious lunch at Wendy's of cheeseburger kid's meal with just the cheese and dip and bun and some fries with a frosty, we headed to the big city library. We read a few books and had a pic taken with this interesting statue.
As you can see G is sitting fairly close to it. Maybe she is losing her fear of over large creatures, well unless they move or something, heh.
Picture is taken with my cell phone. We didn't stay long. The computers had a very long line to use them with time limits. I think there were way too many books for G to choose from too. Anyhow we did read three books before we left.

Today's Creation Moment

"There's Not A Chance It's Chance!
Psalm 104:24
"O LORD, how manifold are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all. The earth is full of Your possessions.

"As we learn more about the genetic code, it is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the conclusion that all living things—and by implication, all things—have a very wise, personal Creator. At least one researcher in this field has admitted that it is extremely unlikely that the genetic code shared by almost all living things arose by chance.
"Researchers have concluded that nearly a billion billion genetic codes are possible. That's a one, followed by 20 zeros! But not all genetic codes are created equal, so to speak. Some are better than others at preventing errors when new genetic material or the proteins made by genetic material is produced. And when genetic errors are made in the production of protein, a better genetic code will seek to minimize the error. The genetic code we have is the best at doing this. More than that, the code we have is the best at minimizing the damage caused by faulty proteins at the very genes where it is most likely to happen! After admitting this code couldn't happen by chance, one researcher then gave the credit to 'natural selection.'
"That the genetic code is an information storage system vastly more complex anything we have ever built should tell us that it has a wise and powerful Creator. That the genetic system we have is the best one of over one billion billion possibilities should seal the case for God as Creator.

"Prayer: I thank You, Father, that I am Your hand made possession. Amen."
References: Jonathan Knight, Top Translator, New Scientist, 18 April 1998, p.15

Monday, August 03, 2009

She Takes My Breath Away!

Isn't this a great pic of G? I don't remember what she got so tickled about here. I just love it.

I have 12 free stationary cards with shutterfly and I think I will use this pic. It makes me smile.

In two weeks (tomorrow) she will start kindergarten. Makes me kind of sad. Where did my baby girl go?

She spent last night with my parents and mowed the yard with my dad today. He lets her drive some. She wanted to stay with them through dinner but probably only so she could watch Noggin. They are leaving to visit "them that shan't be named" on Wed for a week. G will really miss them. We will have to go out there and pick the garden, check the house and oh yes, watch noggin.

We have big plans on Saturday to attend a back to school supply day at a church in the big city. Maybe she can find an acceptable back pack for school so I won't have to buy one. Her summer clothes will have to do to start, and hopefully the blue jeans she wore last fall will still be long enough this year (they were all too big in the waist last year and a bit long too). She has grown some but not really enough to fork over money for new clothes, yet. The hand-me-downs from our cousin have really been a God-send. Thank you cousin E.

On the job front, nothing yet. Lots of applications or resumes sent. Will be applying for the Fed extension on Monday. Tooled down to the unemployment office today only to be told I can't apply for the extension until the state is totally spent which is supposedly next week. Hoping I won't have a lapse of any kind. That would be very bad indeed.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

So Much Happening

Cindy Adams, adoptive mom of many and current fighter of cancer is needing a great deal of prayer for her and her family. Her last blog post is July 22. Other bloggers have more recent updates. I suspect based on other things the family is in much need of prayer and comfort right now.

Also, a family stuck in China due to a positive TB test on the newly adopted child. US changed the rule about immigrants coming to the US with TB. Here is the blog address, the Scruggs family. The little girl is 4 1/2. I respect the rule but this is why the petition for orphans should be signed.

International adoption should be a reason to grant immediate citizenship of the A-parents to the child just as a bio child gets parents' citizenship no matter of birthplace. Internationally adopted children shouldn't have to go through immigration like other people coming to the US. It is the A-parents responsibility to tell the child the known details of the child's life prior to A-family and to keep the child's birth country in remembrance. Another reason for immediate citizenship would stop any potential problems with wrong paperwork or incorrect paperwork that could force an adoptee into deportation processes later in life.

I know the argument that it takes the last bit away from the child, erasing the history, but if done correctly, the A-parents should keep and provide the history to the child. The A-parents would have all the paperwork for the child with regard to the adoption anyway. We, A-parents, need to step up and stay honest and open with our children for their sake about coming to our families. Immigration is not where internationally adopted children should be; it should be automatic citizenship at the day of adoption. That is all I am saying about this.

And last but certainly not least, though not quite as important as the top two families at all, the snake at the zoo that we videoed eating a pig last Saturday, died on Tuesday. One of the ladies in my Sunday school class gave me the article from the paper. Ann, the snake, was 18 years old and generally, the paper read, that they live to be about 15 in the wild. It was captured 10 years ago in Indonesia. When I told G she said, "That's tewibble, just awful. Are they gonna behwie it?" Glad we got to see it this time. They aren't going to bury it, instead they will research it for science.