Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Day in the Pool and Answers to Questions

The reason G can't take peanut butter sandwiches to school is because all of the tables in the cafeteria have been declared "peanut free" which means someone somewhere is highly allergic to peanut which includes every and all known peanut products. That is why I am looking for an alternative. I friend of mine is looking for me today while she shops at Whole Foods.

Today we swam for almost 4 hours straight. G is so good that while "hanging out in the deep" I don't have to worry if I swim to the side to drink my coffee while she is still in the deep end because I know she can swim to me, and usually does. But after almost 4 hours this is what she did. She said she was "done in the pool" and decided to warm up under the towel.

Then we came to grammie's to eat lunch and play a bit. She also helped grammie and grandad re-plant some of the spring flower bulbs that came out of the ground.

G was featured in our local FCC newsletter. She and one other little girl answered the questions and that is the only reason why she was featured. Here are G's answers as she gave them to me when I asked her. G 's answers are in bold.

"- What's your favorite Asian book or movie and why? The Magic Gourd
- If you could star in a movie, who would you be? Rapunzel (current fav. Barbie's Rapunzel)
- What wish would you like to have granted? to paint and build houses
- If you could be one age for your whole life, what age would you pick
and why? 100, 'cause I want to be 100
- Who are your heroes? Jesus
- What's your favorite thing about Chinese culture? Writing in Chinese
(she is learning to write characters by copying)
- What part of Chinese culture do you wish you knew more about?
Talking Chinese
- What makes you feel special? me and mom
- What is something about the world that you'd like to change? Make a world beside this world and put only people we know on it so we can drive.
- If you could give one thing to all the children of the world, what would it be? a giant present-100 toys for them"

And no I didn't make her explain the answers to me because I wanted her honest from the heart answers so some of them are a bit confusing to me too ;}.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Those answers are so precious! I love how children think. :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I love her Jesus answer....aren't you so proud of her. The driving answer is too funny. She gave great wonder they featured her!

Wendy said...

You should try soy nut butter. It's pretty good.