Monday, August 10, 2009

G Conversations

It is a bit hard to see but G made a "4" on her etch a sketch.

Now to the conversations:
1)This morning, while eating breakfast, G "Mama, sometimes I don't know how to think you are my mama because we wook so diffwent."

Me: "Well, that is something we can talk about, isn't it?(Of coures I am thinking 'but not just after I wake up') I am your mama even though we look different. And you have a mama in China that looks just like you."

G: "Yes, well, she isn't wike me she wikes dra-esses."

Me: "No, that is your foster mommy in that picture with you. I don't know what your China mommy likes."

2)Last night, talking about slice and bake chocolate chip cookies, G: "Mama, we can work on my book while the cookies are in dayer(oven) and then we can enjoy dem on the couch."

Who talks like that really, "enjoy them?"heh

3)Today whild playing "guess what animal" G: "I am huge and huger with a wong tay-el. What am I?"

Me: ???? "Ummm, give me another clue."

G woke up too early this morning and is tired. She is making some really bad choices. Now she has been sent to her room because because of a bad attitude choice she made over my not letting her play with my flashlight. She has two flashlights of her very own but she wanted mine. We will see if she falls asleep. She needs a nap but a nap will make bedtime really late. One step forward, 100 back.

She didn't fall asleep, and now she is enjoying some water and seaweed snack. And yes it is taking a long time to finish this post. Slow computer, foggy brain, heh.


The Byrd's Nest said...'s all about control...all the time isn't it? I know how you feel.

Sweet conversations....I "enjoyed" them! lol

Gretchen said...

You never know what to expect from kid conversations!

AZMom said...

Love the conversations she has with you. She is getting so big :-)

Hope her attitude improved. We are going through the attitude issues here too.