Tuesday, August 11, 2009

G Conversations

Overheard around the house:

G: "Mama, aren't you glad we aren't noodles?"
Me: "Yes"
G: "Why?"
Me: "Because we would be eaten."
G: "Yes, people would bite us wiff shark teeth."

Anytime G has a hurt like her arm she says, "I have a arm headache."

Last night at 2ish in the am, G wakes up and is scared needing to sleep with me. I had two nights where she slept all night in her own bed. She received the gift of playdoh for those two nights. Then the very next night when no gift is offered she totally doesn't sleep all night. So this morning I took back the playdoh. She can earn it back in two days by sleeping all night in her own bed.

Lastly, I have an interview tomorrow at 9am. I got the days confused thinking my parents would be back, I scheduled it for in the morning. Then calling my parents to see if they were on the plane I realized I was a day ahead and they, understandably, won't be here. So they called their church where G's daycare is and came to an agreement that G could go to her class tomorrow while I am at the interview. I was going to call the church but they did it for me. I am thankful that they did. I was completing something on line for tomorrow so I they worked it out for me before I could make the call.

The job is through a temp agency. It probably won't pan out but if I can get in the temp agency then something might come up. This particular position is about 45 mins away from home (think gas), paying 12 to 14 an hour then up to 34K a year. Really that won't pay the gas and the temp gal said as much. I told her I was willing to talk about it anyway. So I have to take a ten key test and an excel test. I never took ten key in school but I am very good on excel or used to be anyway.


a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm totally stealing some of these G-isms. Heh. For example, I have a back headache right now. See. Stealing them.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I just love G's conversations...I promise I can almost hear her saying these words. I just adore her!

Bev.....I keep praying and praying and praying and I know that God will come through. I cannot wait for the day I can cross off this prayer request for a job in my prayer journal. It will happen sister....it will happen!