Thursday, August 20, 2009

G Conversations

Here are some concerns G has had and voiced several times before kindergarten started:

"What if I get an 'F' writed on my papurh?" I explained grading doesn't start for a year or so.

"What if my fwiends are mean to me?" I told her as long as she was nice they would be but if not we would write their name down and pray for them.

"What if I am mean to my fwiends?" ?!?!?!? She asked this once in front of grandaddy who said she would get a spanking, heh. Never mind that he would never spank her or that she would be mean to her 'fwiends.'

"What if today is not a good day?" speaking of the first day of school. I said, "Well, there will always be tomorrow." To which she replied, "Well, what if tomahwow isn't good eithuhr?"

"How can I be Chinese and not speak Chinese?" She asked this in front of the milk case at the grocery store after we had been at the zoo all day. She had seen two Chinese families at the zoo who appeared to be visiting from China (or Taiwan maybe), and she had been trying to figure out what they were saying. Not that she understands Chinese but she did repeat what she thought she heard. I asked her why she had to ask that question when I was totally not prepared to answer in a grocery store. I told her she is Chinese because that was where she was born and she is American because that is where she lives now.

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Gretchen said...

Gotta love those well timed questions! :)