Monday, August 17, 2009

How Do You Relax After a Day of Shoe Shopping?

Around here we watch the sound of Music in the floor while drinking vanilla milk.
G and I went shopping for new school tennis shoes. Scored some blue girl tennies on sale at the tarjay. Also had to get the antibacterial wipes because I forgot those. Tomorrow is the orientation that I must attend sans G. Good thing she knows her teacher.
We also had to stop by the rental to check on something. We def discovered some interesting things at the rental. For one we discovered a puppy. Of course, the rental specifies a pet deposit, hmmmmm. The second thing is they have a pet snake. Granted the house is spotless and the pup is very little, and the snake is in an aquarium but yuck, snake! Yes, the pet deposit is a non-refundable $200 one.
And the third thing is the renters weren't there which was fine, they knew we were coming; they left a candle burning. I blew it out. Of course had I gone in through the front door I would not have noticed the candle or the snake. I couldn't find my key for the front outside door. I have access though for sure through the back door which is where the three violations were.
So I will be writing a letter for the $200 pet deposit. They have paid a couple of times more than they should have on rent like by $5 so I will include what they did pay and ask for the diff. I think that is fair. I mean I called this a.m. before I came over and told them I would be there so it isn't like I didn't give fair warning to get the dog out. It is a cute little black and white dog, may even be a dog sitting situation. I can't say as I blame them for having one, and it doesn't look like it is as destructive as mine so I am def not mad, but I will ask for the deposit now. Even if it is a dog sitting situation, the snake is installed there. There is no animal listed in the lease agreement. I don't remember them mentioning anything but a cat but that didn't come with them. I may just let it slide. I will have to think on it.
And um, snake? YUCK!


Marla said...

Snake?!!!!!! oh my, that would violate so many things with this chick! Congrats on finding the shoes. Adalyn is so into shoes, she doesnt care what they look like or if they fit she wants them. I've created a monster, but hey she's my monster. :o)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

As a mom to two boys I see a snake in my future...sigh...

Anyway, I think watching The Sound of Music on the floor while drinking vanilla milk sounds like the perfect end to a shoe shopping trip...