Tuesday, August 25, 2009

K Updates- Beginning of Week Two

Well, this week started of with a whinebang. G was sound asleep when I got her out of bed Monday. I put her in her chair then used my afterbite to stop some mosquito bites from itching on her feet. Did I mention my afterbite burns? Basically it is just ammonia but it works and quick. So lets just say I woke her up but good. Well, after that start to the morning who wouldn't need a fish tattoo on their forearm for school?

She threatened to get her name on the board by being bad. I told her that was fine but she would lose a privilege at home if she did it. Then she threatened not to put her shoes on, I told her fine but she would go barefoot. Did I mention she doesn't really like going to school? The being there is fine just the getting there from her nice comfy bed.

Then she forgot and left her lunch box at school, ugh. She took lunch today in a wallyworld sack. She also had her teacher buy her milk instead of drinking the water left over from yesterday that would have been fresh had she not forgotten it. It was still good just a day old. Now I owe the teacher $.35. So I am sending some money for her lunch room account in case this happens again.

Then this morning, she cried and said she was grumpy because I wouldn't carry her from the bedroom to the kitchen. Me thinks she would've found something else to cry about. Apparently she is not a chipper morning person. I wish she would learn to drink coffee soon so I can get her in a better mood sooner, heh. Just kidding, people person.

Tonight we went to my parents for dinner and to let G get some of her energy out 'cuz kindergarten alone is not cutting it. She is still a fighter of sleep unless she is worn out like today. She rode bikes with grandad, I swung her "higher higher," we found a new caterpillar/worm thing-y, and she watched several of her favorite noggin shows. She didn't eat much for dinner though, french fries and two cups of grapes. At home we played chutes and ladder, had bath, read 3 books and I did the dishes.

G told me about of the stories she heard and liked at school, the ant and the grasshopper and was even able to mimic the teacher when the grasshopper was freezing and begging for food. That is pretty good. She lets bits and pieces out about her day over the course of the evening. She tried to trick me into believing she got her name with a check on the board (would be timeout) for talking and running. Two things gave it away: 1) she held her blankie in front of her face to keep from smiling and 2) she isn't a talker. Plus she doesn't run in the hall under normal circumstances. She is a pretty good rule follower.

So that is the update for the first part of the week. She has officially completed 5 full days of kindergarten.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

I hope things get easier with school.. doesn't sound terrible though!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Sigh...you know I have this same child in my house except her name begins with an "L";)

I think in a few weeks she will like it better BUT unfortunately that morning thing is just her isn't it? It is Lottie also. She loves to sleep in the morning and then lay around with stink sucking her thumb for well over an hour after waking up. Then she may or may not eat some breakfast and then she might think about getting dressed. We have to leave our house at 7am here for school and it is a battle THEN we have to walk ten minutes to school. AND the little princess doesn't like to walk and the stroller won't push on the sidewalks...sigh.

Wow...I feel a little better now...thanks for letting me vent! I will pray for Lottie and Glenys to be more joyful in the mornings!