Friday, August 28, 2009

No Tears

We had (as far as I can remember) no tears last night before bed nor this morning getting ready for school. But it is Friday. Maybe we both felt the lack of pressure? G did wake up at 5:24am though. She spent about 20mins in the bathroom then crawled back in bed at 5:40am (yes I am a clock watcher). All this after waking up somewhere around midnight (can't remember the time, though I did look) to come get in my bed. She also locked the cat up in her room because she didn't look for him before shutting the door. I heard him at 5:40am this morning, roughly 5 hours.

Thank goodness it is Friday. If it doesn't rain tomorrow we will go to the pool and swim for several hours. I have lots to do today and need to go have lunch with G to figure out how to keep her from sitting by the little girl named N. This child has no concept of personal space and begs food from G. It drives G crazy and me!

No sharing of food either way ever are my instructions to G. Long gone are the days to share nicely because you have no idea if someone could be allergic to something or if some mother says "no" to particular foods or whatnot. Plus N is on free lunch so really she shouldn't be begging food from G. And she isn't the only one begging chips or whatnot. She is just the main one.

Plus one year at this same school a little kindergartner brought his mother's psychotropic meds (for paranoid schizophrenia) to school and shared them with his friends. Lots of kids ended up in the hospital, while he and his siblings were removed from the home, placed in an unhealthy foster home, and placed under case management. It was bad. I have lectured, cajoled, explained, and begged G to not take things from nor offer things to other kids, ever.

Also found out I can no longer send peanut butter sandwiches for her lunch, drat! It is one of the more nutritious quick lunches I can send, so does anyone know a healthy-ish sub for peanut butter? Trust me I am not a health nut though I probably should be, but as G isn't really a meat eater, peanut butter was our standby.


Lauri said...

PB&J is a staple here too... let's see.. how about yogurt, crackers, cheese sticks?

You can cut up lunch meat and cheese and make your own lunchables.

Or make little skewers... or bento boxes

back to your question
I don't know of any PB substitutes off hand

Frenzymom said...

I've had almond butter before. It's like peanutbutter in its consistency. I don't mind the taste its just not the same as peanutbutter which I'm a lover of. I can't remember if I've had my kids try it or not. If you get a good brand its really not bad at all and its a lot healthier for you. I think I bought one at Target that was pretty good.
Hope that helps.

Lindy said...

One of my friends rotates nut butters with her daughter - almond butter, soy butter, cashew butter, etc. With jelly, jam or honey, they aren't much different than peanut butter. Another friend's daughter has a pimento cheese sandwich as her standby. Or how about hummus in pita bread or cheese and crackers. (Sargento makes cheese slices in star shapes.)

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Why can't you send peanut butter?

Sounds like a busy time! Hope it doesn't rain for you guys!

RamblingMother said...

going the back way into blogger on this computer.

Kikilia said...

Since all nut products are out- how about cheese sandwiches?

Or cream cheese with very thin sliced meat on a tortilla? You roll tight and slice into rounds.

Fruit cubes or apples cut up with carmel can be good sides.

My Pipsqueak is currently taking a bologna sandwich (last year it was ham-before that PB), a small thing of pringles (single serve), a zinger, a small bag of fruit chews, and a capri sun. Not the healthiest- but she does eat healthy for breakfast and dinner- so I don't worry too much.

Her morning snack is usually teddy grahms.

MissMeliss said...

aawww man. well, how about hummus? or baba ganoush? and cheese. they have different 'flavors' of hummus and BG so, that might get you something?

if the school is peanut free, that probably means ALL nuts, right? that's what it means at my daughter's daycare. so, i'd probably try something else...

you can make your own hummus out of ground chickpeas (which you might already know!), if you don't buy it pre-made.

can they heat up food? how about those small containers of mac&cheese that's already made, or soup bowls... or noodles? those are all easy, and just need to be warmed up a little.