Friday, August 14, 2009

Okay, So That Was a Bust

I interviewed for the actual company today. Didn't finish the interview. They discussed the hours 8-5, Sunday to Thursday. That doesn't work. I have Sunday obligations and G will be in school Mon- Fri. That would leave us Saturday to see each other and spend time together. Sunday she would have to go to church with her grandparents not at our church or go to our church alone (not gonna happen). And the pay was really too low for the drive and hours away from home.

Oh well, would have been nice dress code wise. Folks were in t-shirts and blue jeans. One guys had tattoos all down both arms. Any other company I have worked would have required the shirt sleeves to cover that in corporate offices anyway. Oh well. The thing is the temp agency said they didn't know the days until today. I had sent resumes to the temp agency on other jobs before but this job was the one they called me on (finally) so now that I am in their system with high scores they may be able to find something.

I called about the credit manager position near here but I think I annoyed them by calling. If the manager is interested in me after reviewing the resumes I will here from him. So basically that shuts me down. My resume doesn't show any credit management experience though I believe I can do it. I understand the basics of the job. I understand the customer service part of it. I know I can do it and it is close to home, no extra driving.

If the economy didn't suck worse around here I would have that CM position. In a bad economy, experience is more important than general ability. I understand that. I would like to talk to them though about it. I would offer to come in as a specialist with reduced pay to do the same job for 6 months until I have proven myself then be promoted into it. I have to find a job within 10 weeks to not miss a pay check.

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Super Mommy said...

Sorry about the job interview - doesn't sound like it was a good fit anyway. But it does suck you've been out of work for so long . . .