Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Remains of the Day

This is how G looked today when I picked her up. I had her hair pulled back in a nice pony in the back of her head.
She had "pvs" today. That would be P.E. in G'English. She wore her brand new tennis shoes but the "bunny ears" bothered her. She has been wearing flip flops for almost 6 months; no wonder the "bunny ears" bothered her. Those would be tied shoestrings in G'English as well.
But see that smile? Yes, she only doesn't like getting up or going to bed about kindergarten. The rest is fun!
But the "Best News!!!!" according to G is that she learned today how to get in the swings by herself. See after years of swinging, the ground under the swings is now lower than the ground around the swings so that made the swings literally too high for her to touch the ground. So now she learned how to jump in them hanging on to the side of the swing and swing herself. YEA!!
This afternoon to get some of that energy out of her that kindergarten is NOT taking out of her, I got the jumper out, called two friends who both came YEA! and those girls got crazy. G jumped roughly 2 hours. I think she is asleep now. I hope she stays asleep in her own bed all night. I am tired of the midnight wake ups!

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cheepette8 said...

Yea for G and that's funny about PVS. Maddie swears its PTE day on Wednesday no matter how many times I tell her it's PE.