Sunday, August 02, 2009

So Much Happening

Cindy Adams, adoptive mom of many and current fighter of cancer is needing a great deal of prayer for her and her family. Her last blog post is July 22. Other bloggers have more recent updates. I suspect based on other things the family is in much need of prayer and comfort right now.

Also, a family stuck in China due to a positive TB test on the newly adopted child. US changed the rule about immigrants coming to the US with TB. Here is the blog address, the Scruggs family. The little girl is 4 1/2. I respect the rule but this is why the petition for orphans should be signed.

International adoption should be a reason to grant immediate citizenship of the A-parents to the child just as a bio child gets parents' citizenship no matter of birthplace. Internationally adopted children shouldn't have to go through immigration like other people coming to the US. It is the A-parents responsibility to tell the child the known details of the child's life prior to A-family and to keep the child's birth country in remembrance. Another reason for immediate citizenship would stop any potential problems with wrong paperwork or incorrect paperwork that could force an adoptee into deportation processes later in life.

I know the argument that it takes the last bit away from the child, erasing the history, but if done correctly, the A-parents should keep and provide the history to the child. The A-parents would have all the paperwork for the child with regard to the adoption anyway. We, A-parents, need to step up and stay honest and open with our children for their sake about coming to our families. Immigration is not where internationally adopted children should be; it should be automatic citizenship at the day of adoption. That is all I am saying about this.

And last but certainly not least, though not quite as important as the top two families at all, the snake at the zoo that we videoed eating a pig last Saturday, died on Tuesday. One of the ladies in my Sunday school class gave me the article from the paper. Ann, the snake, was 18 years old and generally, the paper read, that they live to be about 15 in the wild. It was captured 10 years ago in Indonesia. When I told G she said, "That's tewibble, just awful. Are they gonna behwie it?" Glad we got to see it this time. They aren't going to bury it, instead they will research it for science.


bajones said...

Cindy Bodie just reported on her blog that Cindy Adams has died. A week ago a group of people from all over the world took part in a day long fast to pray for her. Hard to believe that this is the answer to those prayers, but it must be.

Elizabeth J.

RamblingMother said...

Elizabeth, sometimes praying for healing can be exactly what happened. Cindy Adams has now had perfect healing with her Lord. It is something we don't understand on this side of heaven but one day we will see perfectly. Thanks for the update.