Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's Ramblings

Today's interview went well enough. I should have an interview on Friday with the actual company. Today was a temp service. I scored advanced on the excel portion of the test and just passed the payroll section. The tester said she doesn't see many advanced excel scores. Yea! Me! Thank goodness it was 2003 version otherwise I would be up stew creek. I could figure out whatever I didn't know how to do with a bit of time in real life, but each click was recorded on the test so I didn't have time to figure stuff out for the test.

One thing I do well usually is test. For some reason I have always scored well on tests. That doesn't mean much other than I test well. I had friends in high school who made very good grades but made WAY low test scores on the ACT or SAT. I didn't understand it. But I do now. I personally don't think the standardized tests prove much with regard to capability or intelligence. But to compare apples to apples I guess they are necessary evils.

I wore brand new (clearanced to $6) high heals with no stockings, causing ginormous blisters (now burst) on my feet. The one good thing is they at least match and I didn't break my big toes even though it felt that way. Remember I have been the flipflop queen this summer so this was, well, just plain stupid all for vanity's sake. I should have worn the black ones that were already broken in.

I am so stressed out now I can't sleep, so things are spiraling down hill fast. Oh and this week my hormones start building up for my cycle which won't start for another three weeks. yea, me. Why is my hormonal cycle so messed up? Crazy, I tell you. Federal unemployment is only 13 weeks. I missed this week so I must be at work no later than November something or other or we are in serious trouble. And I have to keep the job contacts list for 3 years for federal (and I imagine state) unemployment. Not like I have enough other shi*ite to keep, this should be a cinch, yeah, right?!?!

Gah! my head is foggy from no sleep. But G and I did get out for a bike ride today (she rode, I walked). The wind was blowing nicely. She is now working on some tear art for a neighbor who had surgery last week. She has been painting with watercolors then drawing another neighbor pictures with markers. She is so funny and I really love her creativity. Of course I don't have the wall space to hang everything she wants to hang. Today, I drew the actual picture to paint and she painted it. We did clothing, just because. She is a good little painter.

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cheepette8 said...

I was thinking about you today and your interview. You are definitely in my prayers. I'm sure that it is such a stressful time right now. I hope it works out.