Monday, August 10, 2009

Trying to Remember that God Is Still in Control, Now With Pictures!

Yes, I know He is. I just need to remind myself right now. So last Monday when filing for the unemployment I received an electronic message that I used up the state's unemployment funds. So I head to the UE office and was told by the receptionist that I couldn't file for the federal extension until this week. Instead of arguing with her which apparently I should have done, I like the rule follower I am, go back today. This time though I have to bring G with me because, well, no babysitter. So we are there over 2 hours only to find out that because I didn't stay last week (as I was told I couldn't) I won't be receiving anything this week. I will file on Sunday for payment next week. In other words, I will have a week break in unemployment. On the upside, that one week will be tagged on the end obviously but the down side is I have no money this week. Can you say Fuster Cluck?

In other news, all last week G has been going to sleep in her own bed only to wake up around 2ish, go potty and then cry herself into my bed. So Saturday I picked up a cheap treat (Target clearance playdoh) and told her she could have them if she stayed all night in her bed for two days. Today she earned the playdoh. So I told her she must stay in her bed from now on all night or I take away the playdoh.

Last week was terrible for sleeping. We were going to start practicing getting up for kindergarten. Um, yeah, well, we failed. So Monday night G was in bed at a good time. I got to bed early and then couldn't sleep. At midnight finally I dozed off only to be awakened at 2:52am by G. So Tuesday night I decided that I would take two generic tylenol pms which I did. So I fell asleep at a decent hour only to be awakened at 2:30ish by G then at 2:50something by a storm and my spastic dog. I was a zombie on Wed.

So Wed. night I didn't take anything, but, like clock work, G awakened around 2ish staying awake until after 3ish ending up in my bed. Thursday night was a repeat of Tuesday with the power going off and then back on freaking my dog out totally and keeping me awake for over an hour and G ending up in my bed.
I have been so tired and now the dealio with the whole unemployment crap. I was able to take a nap yesterday but not straight through due to some little girl wanting to know if "this is a blue crown?" (blue crayon?), or "Mama, wubzy is on."

I still don't know what I am going to do about school. I am still looking for a job. The kindergarten orientation is Aug 18 at 5pm with G starting school on the 19th. We have a lunch box, thermos (for rice, soup, or mac n cheese), water bottle, back pack and requested school supplies. On Sunday our church does a blessing of the backpacks which we will attend.

I forgot to mention our Saturday. Several weeks ago we were given information on a back to school supply giveaway at a church in the big city. The time was given as 11am to 4pm. So we go around 2pmish. The church gave full backpacks to the kids in attendance. There was a carnival going on as well as a talent show. G rode some rides, it was hot, we walked around, and finally at 3:30 I found someone to ask about the giveaway. They wouldn't give anything away until the carnival was over at 4pm. They had food booths but everything was for sale. I didn't know there would be food for sale or water or anything so I didn't bring money. G was thirsty, hot and sweaty, as was I. We couldn't stay out in the heat longer. Plus the church allowed a family reunion to be held in their life center so the parking was a nightmare. Needless to say, we couldn't stay for the giveaway. We went to Target. Her backpack is blue and black, no characters (by her own choosing).

I thought the giveaway would be a drop in type thing, maybe with tables and you just picked what you needed to fill up a backpack then left. Making people stay all day in the heat was a piss poor choice. But on the other hand I can see how my way would lead to people double and triple dipping which isn't fair. But 11 to 4 was a long time for anyone to stay. I was so glad we didn't get there at 11. We swam that morning with our friend S.

Yes the carnival equipment was rickety and scary but G enjoyed it. Don't let the non-smiling look fool you, she had a great time on the rides.

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AZMom said...

You'd think they would have organized the give aways a little better or allowed you to register a time to go and get stuff.

I hope she has a great time at school next week and that you find a job soon!!! HUGZ!!!