Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Look at How Wrong Evolution Truly Is

"Is This Any Way to Do Business?
Mark 8:36
"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?"

"Evolutionary scientists tell us that mutations were central to the production of the great variety of creatures on Earth today from the first living cell. At the same time, biologists admit that 99 percent of all mutations are harmful. But, argue evolutionists, if you add up that one percent of good mutations over millions of years, you get the beautiful variety of living things we have today. Let's take a closer look, even granting the unproven claim that one percent of mutations are helpful.
"For argument's sake, let's compare evolution's business with human business. Let's say you start a business with $100. As is not unusual, you lose $10 the first year, the equivalent of a bad mutation. As you become more experienced in business, you lose less in the years that follow, but since only one out of 99 mutations is good, you continue to lose an average of $1 for the next 98 years. By the time your good mutation – your year of profit – comes along, you're $8 in debt. Even a big mutation – say, a profit of $20 – will not be enough to make up for the next 99 years of even small losses. In short, this is no way to do business, either for you or for evolution. Neither you nor evolution can possibly make any gains, even with one percent of the mutations being good.
"The evolutionary claim that all life today is a result of mutations, runs counter to logic, common sense and simple arithmetic. The only way we can reasonably account for life's variety is to acknowledge the work of a wise and powerful Creator."
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bajones said...

I dunno where the scientists say 99% of mutations are harmful comes from. Your cells are actually under constant mutation barrage, but your immune system pretty much always recognizes when a mutation has occurred and takes care of it. When it doesn't manage to take care of it, you get cancer. The amazing thing is that probably 99% of the time (or more, since not everyone gets cancer) is that these mutations are taken care of before they get out of hand.