Thursday, September 10, 2009

G Conversations and Other Updates

The other night in the car, G was playing with something and somehow hurt her finger. She said, "Ouch, It's the dickens."

Last night about 11pmish, G:"Mama!"
Me: "What?"
G, exasperated: "You Know!"
G has gotten in a habit of waking up some time in the middle of the night to come get in bed with me. She only has to yell my name and I tell her to come on and get in bed with me. Last night however, I hadn't even been in bed long nor had I been asleep. I didn't want her to wake up that early and crawl in bed with me so I questioned her which confused her a bit as she still gathered her blankets and bunny to come to me.

This morning getting ready for school G said, "Mama, I have a bad taste in my mouth."
I said, "Well, what does it taste like? Does it taste like peanut butter? milk? toothpaste?"
To which G answered no then said, "No it tastes like thin."
I said, "Thin! I don't know what thin tastes like."
She said, "You know grandaddy? if he was taller and thin? That is what it tastes like."
I am guessing she has sinus drainage making her throat raw but the whole taller thin grandaddy thing threw me off a bit this morning.

School for G is going very well. She never tells me anything about school though when I pick her up. She is still processing the day apparently but as we start settling down for the night she opens up and tells things about school. She loves science. One day they learned about sea shells. Yesterday they learned about "live" as in live animals.

They studied that a cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. Then she asked me what the slowest animal is to which I replied "probably a sloth or something." Then she said, "Well, we didn't wurhn (learn) about sloths but maybe a snail or something? What is the meddlist (middle) fast animal?"
I said, "I guess man? I don't know. What did you learn was in the middle?"
She said, "I didn't wurhn about the meddle, I'm asking you!"

For lunch she is eating humus (thanks for the reminder, ya'll) with chips, soynut butter (and the suggestion) sandwiches, mac n cheese with green peas in it, spaghetti, white rice with green peas and soy sauce, and/or fruit. For sides I send seaweed snack, pretzels, chips, or fruit roll up. I send water to drink because she gets milk for breakfast and supper. I am already bored to tears with it all but she does eat it pretty well.

As far as the school work goes, she is really doing well. Somethings she already knows how to do. She is picking up her sight words very well. She helps me read her bedtime books (I stop at the sight words and she reads them, takes forever but you know). She is even recognizing the use of sight words in language. She still loves her teacher and still has a child playing with her hair daily.

She is not worn out from kindergarten though so I have to get her energy out when I pick her up from school. Yesterday we stopped at a playground and walking track. Sometimes we put up the jumper. Sometimes we ride bikes or rather she rides and I walk. But she is going to sleep by 8pm which is huge!! She doesn't really like getting up in the morning but over all things are going well with the whole school routine.


Super Mommy said...

Kids say the funniest things! I know what you mean about being bored with the lunches already! Jasmine is a really picky eater so she doesn't get a variety.

Vivian M said...

Glad the school routine is working! We are having a hard time getting Kerri to bed early.