Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Joe Wilson, R-SC

My hero! He did nothing less than what Dems did in 2005 with the whole Boo-ing-Bush-in-his-speech thing. How come it wasn't racism for Dems to boo Bush, but it is racism for Wilson to tell Obama the truth? Obama is lying about what is and isn't in the health care bill. Over and over it has been proven that he is lying. If Obama is opening his mouth, he is lying.

Jimmeh Cahteh is a by gone pres trying to stay in the view of cameras. He really needs to just retire back to his peanut farm and leave politics to the big boys like Wilson who can call it like it is! Wilson shouldn't have apologized to Obama either. Obama deserves the truth not the whole pack of lies that continue through his "advisers" like Axelrod who didn't know who those tea party protesters were. Yea right. Condescension goes nowhere and Obama's bullies need to be very aware.


We will clean the HOUSE in 2010! Watch for it.

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