Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Justice For Lavender

Here is my letter I sent to the Sacramento DA's office to bring justice for the murder of Lavender. We as an adoption community stood behind Sabrina in the unfairness of racial discrimination with the CC*AA. We rejoiced at her homecoming and worried through the first series of surgeries. She was a precious child who needs the adoption community now more than ever. She isn't just a statistic.

"I would like to ask that your office do everything in your power to bring justice to the murderer/s of Lavender Banks. This child is more than a statistic. She was a child made in the image of her Creator, God. She was loved and is remembered in the China adoption community.

"I came to know of Sabrina Banks' fight to bring Lavender home through the adoption community via Sabrina's own words and requests for help. Many of us prayed and/or wrote letters on Sabrina's behalf trusting that the social workers conducted the home study investigations with due diligence. The adoption community rejoiced when Lavender came home to her forever family. We are now likewise in mourning for her untimely and cruel death.

"The system failed Lavender. Because of this, I am asking that all resources are used in the investigation to bring whoever did this to justice. Lavender is not going to be forgotten. If Sabrina is responsible, she deserves the weight of the law to fall upon her."

May God have mercy on her soul.

For more information and a video of Lavender before her death go to A Bouquet of Blessings.


Doug and Terrye said...

What a great letter! You have inspired me to get out of this blue funk that I am in and become pro-active about this. For days I have beat myself up for fighting/praying for this woman's rights to adopt sweet little Lavender, now I can do something for Lavender's rights.

AZMom said...

Way to go!! This just hit hard once I knew the story behind it. I do hope her mother is brought to justice.