Monday, September 14, 2009

A Little of This and a Little of That

Friday G woke up very weepy. She wasn't whining but tears flowed pretty quickly and easily. She was telling me of her dream, and I asked if it was a bad one since she totally beat the helk out of me all night, even at one point standing up in the bed talking jibberish. My question didn't go over well so she started weeping, not full on crying just weeping.

Well, I got her off to school and all seemed fine. I headed up to read to her class later that morning, as asked for 9/11. I got there while her class was in art class, so I waited. Then her class came in the room, and she had the most dog-down face I had seen in a while. I asked her what was the matter as she climbed in my lap, putting her face in my neck and squeezing me tight. The other kids said that G had said, "That is not a good J" to the teacher. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what they were talking about why a badly written "J" would matter to G. G was just crying hard, now. Finally I got the story out: The teacher wrote the kids' names on their art project and G had said, "That is not a good 'G'" to the teacher. But she said, "sorry." I wasn't angry at all. On the contrary I thought it was funny but I didn't laugh either. We later had the whole dis-respect talk, and I spoke to the teacher. All's good there.

You may be asking yourself where the whole "J" vs "G" came in? Or not. Anyway, we live in the south so sometimes in southern-speak J and G sound a lot alike coming from kindergartners anyway. G was so embarrassed and upset. She just didn't want to talk about it anymore but she did shed a few more tears.

So Friday night she was spending the night with the grandparents. She had wanted to go home with me from school early due to her embarrassment, but I refused to allow it. But I did take her out to her grandparents after school. She was a bit more bossy than normal and still a bit weepy.

Saturday morning came and I got to their house before anyone was out of bed. I just went to the computer room, my mom got up a bit later and joined me for a bit. She then went to the den to read or something. After 8am I heard G talking to grandad in the bedroom. They were both left sleeping. I opened the door, and G was standing very still and sort of sad/confused. When she saw me she said, "Grammie left." I picked her up and again G was weepy. I said, "Baby, she didn't leave." G said, "Yes she did" and started to cry. I carried her in to see my mom so she would know grammie didn't leave.

Later in the day she and grandad were outside when she came in to use the potty, he walked out to the garden. She went back out to where she had left him (on the trampoline) but came in weeping that grandad had left. She climbed into my lap just like at school and cried into my neck.

Both my mom and I knew something was very wrong with G but couldn't figure out what exactly. She didn't feel hot enough for a temperature. She did have a snotty nose, and that is never good. We ended up giving her tylenol and pediacare cold medicine, for the snot, to help make her feel better. Maybe the whole school thing caught up to her and she was just very very tired. I dunno.

G, the no nap taker, even fell asleep in the rocking chair about 2:30ish and slept a bit over an hour. She was still weepy Saturday evening, but by Sunday morning she was back to her old self. I have no idea what happened to her.

Today she still seemed to feel okay. Ye ole pig illness got the principal of her school last week so I know it is there. I am just praying to get through this school year without illness. Oh and I think the molluscum is back and worse this time 'round. UGH! and double UGH!


Christy said...

That just breaks my heart that she was so weepy. As a mom we just want to fix things and make them ok. We just hate to see our little ones hurt. Im sure it was something simple like illness and I hope she is feeling better soon.

Christy :)

Vivian M said...

Awwww, I hope she is feeling better now. Sorry to hear the skin thing is back, ugh!