Sunday, September 13, 2009

Separate But Equal?

I wonder if anyone has heard that HomeDepot is holding a separate project time for gays and lesbians and their kids. On Saturdays, HD hosts a building project time open to the general public for kids and whomever to participate. In order to help continue to legitimize a life style that harms individuals, HD will have a separate time for gays and lesbians to bring their kids to make a project together.

Now my understanding is that even on the regular project time it isn't limited to parents only and children but anyone could take a child/ren to build together. Like I personally wouldn't want to do this with G but her grandaddy might. Or maybe an uncle/aunt or neighbor friend would want to take his neighbor's child. I am sure the regular project time isn't discriminatory in that way, so I am wondering why HD feels the need to make a separate but equal time for lesbians and gays. I mean what do they do different that requires a separate time? If HD opened up a separate project time for African Americans and their children or Asians and their children wouldn't there be a protest of HD? What about a conservatives and their children time or democrats and their children time? Ridiculous right?

What will gay and lesbian parents do at the project time that would make others so uncomfortable? I mean all bedroom activities should be left home for straights too so I know that isn't why the separate time is needed. If normalcy is craved in the gay/lesbian circles then why segregate? Maybe their kids become uncomfortable with their gay/lesbian parents because deep down there is a sense of right and wrong built into us all? With only about 2-3% of the population claiming to be homosexual I can't imagine it would be overly crowded, so space shouldn't be the issue.

Nope, it looks to me like HD is stepping outside of the retail market and into the wrong side of right morally speaking. Just like Pepsi sponsoring gay parades, HD wants to be friends with a political minority to push an agenda that harms individuals. It makes me sad that corporations take stands on the wrong side of right because that isn't helping anyone.

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