Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stop Funding Abortion NOW~! CALL TO ACTION!

“No matter how President Obama and Congress change the structure of the health care reform proposals — whether there is a public option, co-op, exchange, or the like — any legislation that provides government funding for health care must contain explicit language that excludes abortion.” (from AUL Action Staff Counsel Mary Harned, italics by blog owner)

Check out Americans United for Life for the response to Obama's speech on Obamacare. One of the amendments to the current obamacare bill: "An amendment to H.R. 3200 permits and may require abortion coverage in the public health insurance plan, and permits taxpayer funding of private plans that cover elective abortion through the provision of affordability credits " Again, italics are mine, blog owner.

If you don't want to support the killing of unborn adults (because don't most unborn babies grow into adults?) then slam the Blue Dog Dems and bi-partisan Repubs with phone calls, e-mails and letters to demand they stop Obama NOW!

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