Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They're BAA-AACK [cue scary music]

And worse than ever. Just in time for Halloween, even. The molluscum I mean is back on G's skin. This time it started off as two bumps on her hip bone and right below her belly button. So like the good mom I am I started with the zymaderm treatment. Like I have been told, the bumps reacted to the med because they are molluscum bumps, but then things went down hill. We are already over 6 weeks of dealing with this. I don't know where exactly she got this (probably the pool) but she didn't get it at school.

This time the bumps hurt and itch terribly and looks just like staph, 'cept different. G has, besides the initial two, one on her back hip (think shot location), one under her right shoulder blade, one on the top of her head in her crown, one in the nape of her neck, a billion on the tops of her feet (started out as 3 in a cluster exploded by this morning) and a million on her left knee (where it started last time). She also has the molluscum rash below her left breast and on the right side under her arm/chest/side area, on both shoulders, a few hard bumps down each arm, behind her knee, and several bumps down each leg.

Okay let me summarize the molluscum locations for you: ALL THE HELK OVER HER BODY! Including but not limited to her face!

So I took her to a dermatologist (Dr. Pimple, not his real name but his name really is very similar to his profession) yesterday along with all her meds/creams/lotions/potions we have been using to find out if we are treating what we think we are and if not then what the helk is this?!?!?

Over the weekend when G spent the night with her grandparents and itched, they used my dad's eczema Rx lotion to stop the itch. Oh yes we share when necessary. The funny thing is the Dr. didn't seem to care about the share because he said it would stop the itch. He didn't give us a Rx for the eczema cream either just said to keep using what we had, heh.

Dr. Pimple did give us a Rx for benzoyl peroxide 5% that I took to Walgreens to be filled. On the way home from big city (BC) we took the Rx to Walgreens in big city at 3:52pm. Know why I know that time? 'Cause that was the time I called my mom to tell her the Dr.'s diagnosis.

You wanna know when we left Walgreens? An hour and half later!!!!!!!! Without the Rx. See Dude put the order in and said it would be about 20 mins so we waited. We waited because we no longer live in big city so leaving wouldn't have been wise. I took G to the bathroom, we looked at toys, we looked zit cream for me, and then I figured Rx would be ready so we headed to the pharmacy area. I waited for an opportunity to ask a girl about the Rx to which she replied she had no idea where it was but would look for it. Then she said she wasn't sure if she had the stuff or not but would check on it. [Insert tons of time passing here].

Remember Dude who took our Rx? Well he passed by us as he was coming off of his hour break. He asked if we hadn't been helped yet, and I told him that we had not really. So he went to check on it only to return and say they didn't have it did I wish for him to call another Walgreens. So I told him to call the one in home town (HT) which he didn't know even existed, hometown not just walgreens store there. I managed to get the number from 411 and gave it to him. Apparently he misdialed and told me that it wasn't a good number?!?!?! So I called it, got right through. He argued and said he dialed the same number but got an operator. To which I say, "Whatever." Then the girl said she found it on the system, but it was long distance. [Insert HUGE EYE ROLL here]. I yelled, "NO it isn't." [Insert "dumbarse" here]. Since I had the HT pharmacy I asked them to use my cell to tell them and the girl said, "We can't talk on cell phones." YOU ARE EFFING KIDDING ME? The HT pharmacy who I had on my cell said the BC pharmacy finally had the HT pharmacist on the line, and that she would tell me what they said.

She came back on the phone and said, "They are going to tell you that your Rx will be filled when you get here." Oh Thank you, Thank you. But BC pharmacy employees didn't tell me. We both hung up, and they didn't even look my way. G and I left none too soon after to check some stuff out at the photo section. G started spinning and jumping and stuff at the counter and I looked at the check out guy while pointing to G and said, "Do you see this?" He said smirking, "Yea, she is bouncing off the wall." I almost climbed over the counter and pounded him. I said, not half calmly, "YEA SHE IS AND THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE 5 AND STUCK IN A PHARMACY FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF BEFORE THEY TELL YOU THEY CAN'T FILL THE RX!!!!!"

We left at 5:30pm to head to Taco Hail. Trying to keep it G rated y'all. Taco Hail greeted me with the warmth of the iceman and then tried to argue with me about changing the kid's meal. But that is another story in and of itself. Oh and chunk of bacon in a taco supreme that wasn't supposed be there, BLECK nuff said.

Needless to say, G was really good considering the evening even though she did get in trouble, had a melt down last night that continued into breakfast this a.m. and has an itch virus attacking her skin.

By the way, if you are wondering why I didn't just take the Rx somewhere else when they didn't have it? That wasn't given me as an option. I have had that happen at another non-walgreens pharmacy, and they usually keep the Rx once it has been entered in the system. Granted I could have pitched a big hissy but the only other pharmacy I would have used was closed by that time anyway. I should have had a clue when G wasn't in their computer system because we always use another pharmacy for her Rx, one that is close to her pediatrician's office. Because I HATE WALGREENS.

Today at school (I took her because it is raining) I spoke with the nurse and tried to explain what was going on. She is going to look it up on the computer. I told her it was contagious but that G was covered and had been instructed to not touch anyone.

The nurse asked, "The doctor said she could come to school?" I said, "Well, yes. And I can't keep her out 6 weeks or 6 months." She agreed. It takes so long to clear it up with treatment and longer without. It really is a nightmare. Mostly it is benign, still contagious, but not painful or itchy. Sadly, for G she is one of the lucky ones [Insert deep sarcasm here] that the bumps are both painful and itchy.

She has been wearing flipflops here (southern city you know?) but now with the MC on the tops of her feet, her flops are now contagious until I figure out how to clean them to kill it. Chlorine doesn't kill it because pool water is a number one place to pick it up. So she is relegated to socks (bumps covered) and shoes. Since it is raining however, I don't want the already irritated feet to be wet on top of that so I took her to school and physically carried her inside in order to avoid puddles. Rain puddles are a kid magnet no matter what.

I am so ready for cold cool weather so I can put G comfortably in long sleeves and not feel guilty about the breakout and exposed skin. Dr. Pimple compared this to warts how everyone is susceptible but not everyone will get it. It is a virus but everyone doesn't get it. The web site implied that probably everyone at one point has had it and didn't know it wasn't just a zit or something because like I said, generally they are benign.


Jennifer said...

Bless her heart and bless your heart. I hope that stuff goes away. I'm sure it's no fun for either one of you. Stinks about the bad day and long waits.. I hate those.

Vivian M said...

Praying Miss G gets some relief soon and it goes away!
By the way, if you ever get a pill filled there, I would verify that what is in the bottle is the actual RX.