Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vigilance Works

Okay the one thing I am coming to understand about molluscum contagiousum is nothing abso-effing-lutely-nothing that other than it being a virus that lives in wet conditions off the body there is not that much else known about it. Oh and that it is highly contagious and very common, did I mention the high contagiousness of it (is that a phrase?)? Other than that, vigilant consistent irritation will get rid of it. But it still takes forever weeks to months.

Okay so I am using benzoyl peroxide in the morning and zymaderm in the evening. That seems to be working along with showers only, no re-using wash cloths, towels or clothes including sleeping clothes. The bed is stripped every night with sheets being washed consistently (I have several sets of sheets for my bed so I can wash sheets every other day but I am doing laundry every day now).

G is again sleeping with me for the very reason of the whole stripping of bed clothes to wash every. dang. day. thing. I can't bear to strip two beds everyday and would have to since she only sleeps half the night in her own bed anyway. It is truly overwhelming to see her skin so attacked by this virus and to be so vigilant about getting rid of it.

If she changes her mind about wearing an article of clothing the discarded item will have to be washed before being returned to the regular shuffle of clothes. Absolutely nothing that has touched her is re-used before being washed!!

One thing I have also found out by questioning a friend dermatologist and the zymaderm makers is that molluscum doesn't hurt unless it is being irritated. But it can be irritated by outside sources like zymaderm, retinA, BP, or any other topical med or by the body's own immune system. Yes, your own immune system once engaged to fight the virus will cause the pain, itching and irritation that makes this whole thing a darned if you do and darned if you don't scenario. Doing nothing as long as immune system isn't engaged could take up to 4 years to run its course.

So I believe that I was able to engage G's immune system by applying the zymaderm to the bumps in the first place. I think the zymaderm as the outside irritation source also activated her immune system to fight the virus from the inside becoming the inside irritation source causing the rashes and pain. Maybe I want to believe this whether or not that is how it really works, but I will stick with my theory since no one truly knows how or what to treat MC with, effectively. Oh, and I may not be a doctor in real life but I play one my blog, heh.

I also know that for the most part dermatologists and pediatricians take a very laid back approach/attitude to the whole thing and say, "It will run its course but if you want to try this go ahead. I will indulge your need for a Rx with this. And it is very common to see in daycares etc." Or in other words, "Blah, blah blah. Wah, wah, wah. Yadda yadda yadda." This is what I and another MC mom are experiencing around here anyway. I also believe this is sort of the take the CDC has generally speaking.

Today, she looked a lot better. Maybe I have this thing beat this time around too. (I hope). Like the school nurse said to me, "It seems that some children just have a hard time and it isn't fair to dump something like this on them too. Why does God let them suffer this stuff too?" Of course that caught me off guard because I know this too: G will not be killed by MC. This is not a terminal disease (as far as I have been able to find) so although it is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING it isn't a killer. Causer of mental breakdowns in mommies? Quite possibly, but at the end of the day G will survive this with her general good health intact. I on the other hand may need a good bottle of red whine wine or a straight jacket, heh.

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Vivian M said...

I hate that Miss G has to go through this, and I hope when she gets older she barely remembers it.

I wonder if boosting her immune system would help? I have been giving Kerri juices that *claim* that they boost the immune system. So far she has not gotten sick, and her exzema seems to be getting better.