Friday, September 04, 2009

Week Recap

Thanks for the birthday well wishes. I hope you all stopped by Sophie's mom's blog to wish Sophia a happy birthday. Sophie's mom is an awesome blogger and Sophie is an awesome child as well as her sister and older brother. What a great family!

So what I did is attend a three day basic information class from Rich Dad Education on real estate. (Please do not leave comments with any negative stuff about how you know someone who knew someone who took that and it doesn't work.) So I was challenged, excited, cynical and nervous for sure to begin the class. The teacher was from the state where my rental house is. That was nice to see someone in a city I know who is and has been in the same seats as me and has succeeded!

Okay, I was getting excited as the day wore on and began planning my future. G had to get ready for bed at my parents' house. I picked her up and had her in bed later than normal (for school time), but she at least didn't fall asleep in the car on the way home. The classes were from 9am to 7pm and ran over each day by 30 to 45 mins. After G was asleep I did my homework assignments and learned some interesting things about credit and myself.

Then came Tuesday. Still excited though a bit more tired, I was getting gas and saw a boy on a bike riding to school at a busy cross section of hwy, train track and streets. I said to myself out loud, "That boy is going to get hit." I turned my back to the street and heard a horrible sound. When I turned around it had happened. The boy was hit by a pick up truck. It was horrible. I am not sure if the boy was able to move or not. I wasn't that close to the scene. I as well as others called 911. Some people stopped to help. I realized I need to be more serious with the CPR training I have had in the past because in that moment I panicked for the boy and driver. It really was terrible. Then I started to have a panic attack. Fun times.

So Tuesday started off with a bang of high emotions and stress. All this before 8am. Seriously. I got to the conference, couldn't find my name (they initially registered me for another city), asked one of the team members who I didn't think was really very nice at all and was told in curt tones that I was basically too early. I couldn't even go talk to the conference leader. Already emotional I of course took that very personally. I shouldn't have because she had no idea what had happened early, how could she? She had no idea how close to tears I was, how could she?

So the day wore on, again we were all challenged, and shown how our financial upbringing will bring us right back to what we already know (that is wrong) even in the face of truth and proof. It was interesting. And to show you what I mean, the lines on your checkbook, one you make a note on and one you sign? you know the lines I am talking about. Did you know that the line you sign isn't a line at all. If you look closely, the line is made up of words. The speaker's point about this is if you didn't know that all these years of writing checks, what else don't you know about banks, finances, and wealth?

So we then played the Cashflow game. We all at every table played the game in our everyday minds. We all after being shown how to think differently didn't. That was very eye opening. How quickly we reverted back to what we learned that was wrong. Then of course because it was a sales course as well as basic info (I will tell the difference in this and others in a minute) they discussed the advanced training classes being offered and the price.

The assignment that night was to do the most we could do (a theme in the class) to get into one of the training classes then go farther. The courses ran very high. So I did call and spoke to my dad about investing in my new real estate adventure so I could go to the classes. No one seemed to have it. Not their faults and I am not upset with any of them. But the thing is I did the most I could do by going to the class in the first place then I went more uncomfortable asking for help.

But needless to say, on the end of a high stress/emotional day and the eve of my last year of being 30 something, in the face of disappointment in myself and past financial decisions, I didn't get any sleep and basically cried. I figured it would be best to skip the next day. After all I thought it was my bday and I really should do something else with it. Thursday morning I decided to go anyway but my attitude was one of defeat. That was even shown in how I chose to dress Thursday. See Tuesday and Wednesday I dressed as if I were going to work. Thursday I dressed in casual pants, a tee and flip flops. If they didn't know how I felt, I showed them by my dress.

I then tried to avoid everyone. But as the class started and I ended up talking with the very woman who I decided not to like the day before I was given what I didn't have the night before and that was HOPE. I was afraid I was losing the support of the Rich Dad team by not signing up for the classes. I was afraid I couldn't do what they said on my own. After talking with the support team and listening and doing exactly what was said in class I realised I have that team behind me. I may struggle a bit more but I will be able to finance the training I need to move on and start with what they have given me.

I have two big purchases I need to invest in, one the software offered for $1700 (worth every penny) for the next 30 days and a trip to Orlando for a 4 day conference for $2300 (includes hotel for 2, all meals). My mom wants to take G to the DWorld anyway so I am going to try to get to that conference. The only problem is it will fill up very soon so I have to purchase it now.

Then I met two guys who are partnering together to take the advanced training and they are
going to help me too. We are going to start an investment club type thing, more like an accountability group to meet every week. One of those guys was pretty sad I couldn't continue right then even followed me out of the conference center to talk to me. Yes on the one hand I am disappointed but on the other I know what I have to do to get started.

Oh and we played the cashflow game again. But this time I got out of the rat race in 25 mins by following exactly, no questions, the strategy given to us by the conference speaker! So my new business is as a Transactional Engineer in real estate! And yes it is uncomfortable to beat the voices in my head that tell me I won't make it based on the past failures. But with right brained thinking, I will beat that left brain voice!!


Doug and Terrye said...

You CAN do it!!! I've read a lot of your thoughts/writings, and I know you've got an incredible mind that will take you far! :)

bajones said...

That class sounds like it was really interesting. My plan, especially after the market crash of 200#, is to invest in rental real estate. I keep thinking that if I had $300,000 invested in 3 rental houses rather than in the stock market, I'd have a pretty good chance that I will have retirement income from all 3 houses regardless of what the market does. Now I just need to figure out how to buy those 3 houses!

Super Mommy said...

Sounds like an interesting conference. I wish you well with this! Sorry to hear about that boy. I see crazy stuff like that all the time and say to my girls, you will never ride your bike in the traffic like that.