Saturday, September 05, 2009


Limit Obama to one term all the while making him lame duck in 2010~!! G and I attended a very late night Tea Party to meet the Tea Party Buses traveling through the US.

The pics downloaded backwards. It was really late and the buses were an hour and half later than listed.The pic of G by our signatures was as soon as we got there. She fell asleep for about 45 mins then woke up with cramping legs. We actually got the pic of the bus (moving, dark and phone camera, thus the blurriness) when we were leaving. As soon as the buses arrived there was going to be another hour and half of speeches. I couldn't do that to G. She was tired and her legs were really hurting. So we left and we got to bed at "bednight." G was actually in a really good mood when we got home. We slept today until 9am.
I did leave my e-mail for a couple from my state to e-mail me pics of what we were missing. I hope they do. I will post them if they send them. There were some pretty funny signs. The petition is a rolling petition from a guy in FL who is taking it to all the Tea Party Stops.
That pic of G is my new all time fav. I don't think G's school is going to do the whole pres speech on Tuesday. I let her teacher know that G wouldn't be there if that was the case or I would need to be sitting there with her to hear what was said.


Ohilda said...

Love it!!! We definitely need to keep this man out of the 2012 elections. Making him a lame duck would be icing on the cake!

bajones said...

There's another bickerfest on SAC - unfortunately I seem to be the only one left in the group who isn't a Dear Leader cultist, so I'm going to stay away for the next week. No one can understand why those bad people would object to Dear Leader getting a free hour of indoctrination of our kids, followed by a lesson plan where they must tell how they are going to help Dear Leader. No one can see that this could possibly be the first step in a multi-stage indoctrination process. I'm a conspiracy theorist and fringe element conservative, woohoo!!!!

AZMom said...

Love it :-) I also love the new pic of G on your blog header :-)

I am so sick of defending my decisions to people on my anti-Obama speech. I did get lucky though and my kid's teachers chose to not to show the video! Yeah!