Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Beatiful Day for a Pic Nic at the Zoo

Saturday, G and I took my parents to the zoo and had a picnic near the merry-go-round. It was quite fun. The day was absolutely perfect weather-wise. We arrived sort of early to see the new exhibit of grizzly bears but they were all asleep against a door to the bear house. We did see the wolves playing which was fun. The wolves are roughly a year old so still pups too.

The exhibit is really nice and will open to the general public in a week. This week however is members week so we got a sneak peek. Too bad the bears, who are babies right now as they had already worn themselves out playing earlier and were napping when we arrived.

Grandad and G took three turns on the merry-go-round but they wouldn't pose for pics so I didn't take any of them there. The day was really great for the animals and they mostly were active and all outside which was nice. We didn't see everything either though. We stayed mostly on one side of the zoo and still were there over 3 hours.

About the picnic, this was all my idea. I brought peanut butter, jelly, bread, plates, knife for spreading it, three bags of chips (3 servings each), bananas, and dessert. When I got out the bread to my dismay some of it had already started molding. I was quite embarrassed as I had checked it before packing it and didn't see anything around the edges. The rest of it was still good so I just pinched off the mold, like my mama used to do. My parents didn't seem to mind thank goodness and G doesn't eat the edges anyway. It is so hard to keep and use a whole loaf of bread when there is just the two of us!

Baby giraffe, one of three we have.

Playing with the polar bear. Only one of the three was out yesterday.

Posing with the Kimodo dragon.
Playing panda in video.


Super Mommy said...

I swear you have an awesome zoo! It is sooo hot in Houston, we hardly go any way!

Sounds like you had a perfect picnic - despite the bread issue! Jasmine loves bread - I can't seem to keep it in the house.

Vivian M said...

To make bread last longer without molding, try putting it in the fridge, or freezing it and thawing out as needed.
Glad you had a great day at the zoo!