Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Before the Movie Review

I need to finish a book review. This is the Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman. Yes he is a boxer, entrepreneur AND a writer. This book was published by Thomas Nelson publishers. In exchange for the review I get the book for free, yippee. That is how this works, one book, one review.
Now George Foreman does not tell you just how to do business, instead he tells you how to do business WELL. The book is well written and easily understood. There are a lot of boxing references in it which is interesting even for a non-boxing fan like myself. He talks about his comeback and how he trained, one day almost cutting his leg off with an ax. Yes, part of his training was chopping down trees. He talks about his conversion to Christ and how that changed his boxing outlook for his comeback as well as his business dealings.
He talks about his first jump into boxing, and how he wanted people to see him as the toughest boxer around after his loss to Ali. He talks about the tiger and lion he raised from cubs that then turned on his brother later which led to him giving his pets away. He realized that they were quite dangerous to keep around his boys.
He even talks about being in the ring and the voices he focuses on, that being the team in his corner only. He talks about how to pick your team in business so that you do well for yourself and well for your team members. In other words he talks about not picking your friends just because they are friends but that they have wisdom in business dealings.
For me, I won't lie, this book is a bit boring between readings. I enjoy it when I am reading it but between chances to read, I don't miss it. This is not a page turner, gotta finish it now no matter how much sleep I miss type of book for me. Someone else may find it is a really good book to read straight through. If you know someone starting their own business this might be a really good encouragement to them. But all in all I would say it is quite "meh."

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TanyaLea said...

Interesting. This man has led quite the life, that's for sure. But the book does sound a bit 'meh!' ;)

I actually met him when I was a freshman in H.S. (like 20+ years ago now! YIKES, I'm getting old!!) George was a guest at the Bible camp I went to, along with former NY Jets Pro football player, Joe Jackson. I had my picture taken between both of them and they were two HUGE guys! I remember having breakfast at the same table as George one morning. He was great with kids and had a fun sense of humor! Anyhow, I couldn't help but throw in my little 'claim to fame' with this post! LOL!! :)

Have a blessed day!