Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Check the Rest of the 15 Banned Political Cartoons Here

How true, how true.

2 of 15 political cartoons out of Australia that would never be allowed in US papers. Amazing how some other countries acknowledge the greatness of the US even while the current president can't do enough to apologize for the US he sees as a terrible country who does nothing but harm.
By the way why the change in policies regarding the war now, CODE PINK? I guess your hatred for Bush was much greater than your dislike for the war, so now that Obama is in you can change your tune about troop withdrawal? So sad the liberal left's hatred for Bush was far greater than even their love for Obama. They are like spoiled children arguing with a parent, opposing everything Bush did with a petty hatred just because he was the authority figure in the country. Now they are in agreement with Bush policies because the policies are also Obama's policies for our country's protection.
And what about ole Charlie Rangel? The dems were all about sanctioning Joe Wilson for the "You lie" statement (which was so true) a mere 6 days after the speech but Rangel who has cheated on his tax forms, gave money to other dems to keep them quiet about it, didn't disclose income as required by congress rules and a myriad of other dirty dealings isn't going to be sanctioned or removed with a down the line party split: dems in favor of keeping the corrupt Rangel and Republicans for removing him. Way to be transparent and ending corruption in congress.

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